The ranking is not stable non content chain fault on the basis in order to avoid instability


domain name has been a factor, most of the owners ignore the fact, website ranking and the domain name has a great relationship, such as your domain name in February was a business unit record of the domain name, but in March when you >

most webmaster think website ranking is not stable or is outside the chain of consequences, can not deny the content and the chain has a certain impact on the ranking, but I would also like to ask a question: what is the reason for your rankings improve? Certainly is content with the chain, so if in the short term your ranking is not stable then is not content with the chain of mistakes, but for other reasons, and these reasons mainly include the foundation of web site.

code compatibility mainly refers to the stability of the program, along with the extensive development of the Internet, the Internet market has too many free programs, and these programs really free so simple? In my opinion 80% free programs have backdoors and defects, take the city on the surface of widely used network program in terms of it, this is a program content reached 40 thousand data of the program will cause serious problems, but these are not individual owners know, so I suggest that no matter what you do, whether you are what kind of webmaster, the best choice of program fees or simple open source, such as Dede open source, simple zblog, WP and so on, these programs can be easily modified and corrected, complex programs once the problem is not a simple technical personnel to fix The hope that we remember this point.

site mainly covers the long-term stability and speed of the host, code compatibility, effectiveness of the domain name (for the record), these three aspects is the fundamental of a website, abandoned the three aspects of the website ranking no matter what you are unlikely to succeed, and the speed and stability in this code the three factors we want to focus attention is the host of the compatibility, the following detailed talk.

host stability is not for an area or a computer, now appeared on the market a host in your test and use the first three months of the effect is very good, the query tool can also be found in this kind of website’s Ping value is low by Ping value, but after three this month the host is exposed, often used in the computer on the webmaster web page open speed is very fast, but the speed of opening in other regions or areas of the site is turtle speed, which resulted in the website ranking when nowadays, and many owners do not understand the website ranking is not stable. I hope that everyone in the future must pay attention to the host host provider or vendor in the host, and not a few months things, generally speaking the host are a year or even years of things, which requires that the host must be stable and speed of search engine spider crawling is not subjective perception of you. The host is not stable or too slow so that a search engine only on your website lower scores, which caused the decline in ranking.

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