Under the new situation to redefine the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s new meaning

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content is king of course refers to do well in the station’s content, just now in the content of the site requires a higher. If only the website content, update soon, it will no longer receive special treatment of the search engine. Because the search engine is in line with the principle of judging the value of the website user experience first. It should be under the new situation, content is king how to do it, I think the web content can be improved from the following two aspects:

second, the chain for the emperor to choose the industry platform, to experience the real user

is recommended

first, content refers to high quality, multi dimension

1, outside the chain to choose the same forum or platform for the industry to have the law of growth, the number of. Before you can choose a different platform for the industry chain, it is best not to do so.

2, the chain is really recommend users to feel. When the hair of the chain do not insert links, forced in the article to the natural context, to the logic. The chain is too stiff to no good website only harm.

can be said that before 2014, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners of the basic thought of the chain for the emperor is Shanghai dragon ranking magic. It is not exaggerating to say that when the general website promotion company has a chain of the Commissioner, who is the chain as long as the hair, good quality, regardless of whether the relevant platform can quickly improve the ranking, with the advent of love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm, a large number of disappearing overnight on the outside of the chain of survival website, at the same time this search algorithm two years of continuous improvement, love Shanghai pay more attention to the foreign website, the role of the chain is gradually weakening, so under the new situation, it is necessary to re define the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s new meaning.

2, website content to meet the multidimensional needs, because the user came to the site is varied, the needs of different users are different, so we have to show different content in the network users love a conspicuous place. For example, a company can have the construction site, a plurality of modules arranged in the website, show the enterprise website construction, brand website construction, website construction, website construction process etc., a user will be able to see what you want can increase access depth and viscosity.

1, the first is the high quality of the original. Only the original is not original, but also allows users to love, so a high quality of the original from the title and content of careful planning, consistent with the theme, not out of the East, West pull pull. Adhere to a high quality original article every day, a month or so, the website can have very good rankings and weight.

the role of the chain has a greater than before, so now do not go to buy gold platinum chain chain, etc.. But it is not to say that the chain was to no avail, choose the appropriate platform outside the chain of hair is the best strategy, I am occasionally in A5 published his Shanghai Longfeng experience, a month’s time, the website ranking has been very good. How do the chain I have two suggestions:

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