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is a modern breast reduction mammaplasty very mature breast plastic surgery, for those too large to the inconvenience of life of people, but also some breast is not great, in order to accord with the aesthetic notion also actively do breast reduction surgery, now this operation has been very common, the breast reduction what needs to be done to prepare plastic.

a good mental preparation

breast reduction mammaplasty before going to patients and their families to prepare, must be repeated to communicate with patients and their families before the operation, let them understand the necessity and effect of surgical breast reduction surgery after surgery, so you can get to accept and understand and trust, the full support of their relatives. This is to ensure the cooperation of breast reduction plastic surgery and prevent surgery after a bad mental state is very important. Only to do a good job in the hospital will be prepared to do this kind of surgery.

two, prepared in advance blood

breast reduction surgery in patients with loss of part of the blood, this time need to actively carry out blood transfusion, to supplement the patient lost blood, to ensure the normal physiological needs of patients,. 200-400ml blood must be prepared before surgery.

three, determine the nipple position

breast reduction surgery was first to determine the position of the nipple, breast reduction mammaplasty should be determined before the new nipple and areola orthostatic position range, the new nipple location is scheduled to mid upper level equivalent to the midclavicular line, generally located in the fifth intercostal space, fourth intercostal in unmarried youth. The new areola is circular, diameter 4 ~ 5cm.

four, designed to reduce the incision breast surgery

breast reduction surgery is a knife in the body to move the gun operation, we must first design where the knife before surgery, after this surgery can save a lot of time, there are many surgical methods at home and abroad, is not a fixed pattern, and the surgery before surgery can be fully executed good communication, incision design, try to make a small incision, leaving no trace.

breast reduction surgery need to do what? The introduction of the breast reduction surgery need to do a good job in front of some of the preparatory work before the operation must pay attention to oh.

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