3 to 3 months of experience soaring pr

quality space protection

webmaster today may have noticed, Google PR value update. This update was up and down, one of my 3 months on the line into 3 new sites PR value, almost so that I can not believe my eyes, but I through a variety of tools of inquiry confirmed that indeed, it makes me excited and abnormal.


We all know that

space quality is the basic guarantee you do the important work of Shanghai dragon.

not only in this, but also in doing so.

I remember a blog once, I am from on-line to the PR value of 3 experienced a total of about half the time, that is to say in the PR value reached 2 times after the update of this height. Once proud of me, but I did not expect that, today I once again created a miracle, 3 months, a period in the PR value update the PR value once broke 3, which for me is really happy, but also let me pay to see a huge return. Well do not say so much nonsense, week now to sum up the work of Shanghai Longfeng this station for 3 months, and to share with you:

two, the chain construction unremittingly


four, eliminate all black hat tactics

mentioned above, the content is in addition to the construction of the chain, the chain is also very important for a web site, at least in the moment of Shanghai Longfeng work still plays a decisive role. Because the search engine will think that every chain is to other sites you cast a vote of confidence in the site, of course a vote of confidence in the more the better, the Shanghai dragon also has the effect can not be ignored. Especially the quality of high quality chain.

, 90% of the content in the original

is a stable and fast space is also very important, even if the previous jobs you are doing well, then your website because of the space grammar problems often open, so is fatal to you Shanghai Longfeng work, he will let you all pay the East Shanghai Longfeng work flow. So I choose the space is relatively stable and the running speed is also very good.

although I am now the PR value in just 3 months rose to 3, one may suspect that if you buy a link, increase the weight of the website with high quality and high weight one-way links? I can answer in the affirmative, the 3.

"content is king, Shanghai dragon the basic principle of the chain for emperor", this sentence reflects the content is very important for the website, not quality content of Shanghai dragon is impossible. So the station I almost 90% of the contents of all the original articles, even false original articles were not a few other other websites and articles are also my site theme related articles, and every one of my essay will indicate the source, for the people left reprint address.

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