Small and medium-sized enterprise website optimization and promotion strategy of Shanghai Dragon

two, enterprise web site planning and design

2, showing a good search results to your site are word search in the search engine results, especially the love of Shanghai and Google, ranked first in the website can occupy a larger space, completely occupied the attention of customers. Ma Haixiang suggested that in the enterprise website optimization, as much as possible so that the title of the site, in the search engine performance more attractive, more credible, that allows customers to click through to your site.

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of course for small businesses, of course, can not be as large as the enterprise brand do All the world knows. But compared with other similar small businesses, competitors, if they can perform well in search results, you can set a good image. The so-called "brand is ranked first, ranking first in the search engine can make the customer feel that the enterprise is a vibrant, conscientious, positive organization, customer first hit on the good impression. So how can we establish a corporate brand by Shanghai dragon

with electronic commerce further penetrate into our lives, small and medium-sized enterprises to network marketing is particularly urgent and important. At present, due to the popularity of more and more enterprises network marketing concept and into the Internet market, the network marketing operation cost has become increasingly high. Small and medium-sized enterprises in consideration of website construction, website optimization, network marketing plan, all related to the problem of a shortage of funds. The small and medium-sized enterprise website more is through the website to promote themselves, to bring order, its purpose is to make Shanghai Longfeng goal to pursue the effect, and this order is achieved by telephone or fax in non line mode. Then in the personnel and material costs are rising today, small and medium-sized enterprises should be how to carry out the enterprise network marketing? How to optimize its own enterprise website

for small and medium sized enterprises in Shanghai dragon Er, to do more work. "

, making the enterprise’s official website

1, to make their own business name, industry key area ranked first, let the customer first show is your business web site in the search for your business name.

first, small and medium-sized enterprises have their own official website on the Internet, like "appearance". Since it is a facade, it must be well decorated, professional website is necessary, this is the most simple but very low cost but effective way of marketing, the disadvantage is to hire someone to long-term management, to a certain extent, increase the capital investment ratio. However, Ma Haixiang think the key problem is how to use the "talent", every day to maintain and update the website spend long time, small and medium-sized enterprises should recruit some knowledge of SEO professionals, because most of the user access to information or through the search engine, the web site keywords optimization up to the enterprise, is a very effective and long-term access to products order the way.

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