Su Di Kang in Shanghai Longfeng work must know the writing rules

Su Dikang has received a Jiangxi area in Shanghai Longfeng work friends for help. Cooperation in a Jiangxi traditional enterprise intends to negotiate with Shanghai Longfeng business, but asked to provide a brief report on website optimization. The friend wrote a brief report to the optimization of enterprise, the feedback is not ideal. After Su Di Kang asked carefully and consult the report, found a lot of problems. For example, the report is organized is not clear, the lack of a large number of elements required, the use of a large number of proper nouns…… Such a report submitted, the other can read is unknown, not to mention the cooperation for the foundation.

for the audience’s meaning is to stand in the audience to think in terms of copy writing. For example, to understand Shanghai Longfeng business owners to submit a full term optimization report, will certainly encounter a lot of problems. The main function of copy is communication, if the communication link appears in a large number of invalid information (such as esoteric terminology), it will reduce the efficiency of communication. Specifically, the friend in front of the case, because of lost opportunities for cooperation to write a report on the optimization.

why writing ability is very important

writing rule two: clear structure

therefore, engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work friends, it is necessary in writing on the next time. For the high school and higher cultural level of friends, as long as adhere to the "audience oriented" and "clear" two rules, will be able to write a quality.

wrote to a colleague editor of the website code as an example, starting from the editor of the Shanghai dragon level and work flow, taking into account the actual working condition of the editor to write. Generally speaking, such a code, the code that needs to cover, editing code, picture editing code and other file editing code and dispute processing instructions. In the process of practical application, according to the editorial work, targeted according to the business process, try to consider the editing process, avoid editing because order missing points etc..

this is a lot of work in Shanghai dragon friend weakness. As mentioned earlier, the main purpose of writing is to communicate, to improve the efficiency of information exchange. To solve the problems facing the audience is exchange of information elements and unified, clear structure is to solve the problem of information exchange standard order. < >

writing one rule: the audience

is engaged in the work of Shanghai Longfeng friends are often the technical background, to copy some rules of writing do not understand. Copy as an important carrier of information exchange, the Shanghai dragon industry friends, are extremely important. Network marketing analyst Su Dikang believes in Shanghai Longfeng work friends need to understand some copy writing rules, improve work efficiency.

as most of the audience is copy colleagues, superiors and customers, not their own, so writing must face the audience.

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