Capital intervention, the form of multi content entrepreneurship is ushering in a new outbreak

2015 capital hit the winter, the content of entrepreneurship is extremely hot, and even the media will be 2015 as the first year since the media". If 2015 is the first year since the media, in the era of the content of entrepreneurship in the beginning of the year in 2016. At the beginning of "talent and beauty in a woman" Papi sauce series of short video popular, became a media platform to discuss the Reds (please refer to the "Papi" meaning "network jam this pie red, is a short video content era of the best proof" article).


from the content of entrepreneurship pattern can be found in 2016 2015 deduction, the content of entrepreneurship has the following four characteristics: first, the form of diversification; second, profit model third, multi-faceted flowering; and content platform composed of symbiosis, the importance is improved; fourth, the depth of the capital involved, boost the content of entrepreneurship commercialization. 2016 form of content diversification

at present, the content of entrepreneurship presents a diversified trend, mainly divided into graphics, audio, video and other forms. In the early days of the Internet, the main focus on the content of entrepreneurship in the field of text, such as relying on the growth of online literature to pay reading, and gradually transition to the pan IP industry chain development. From 2004 onwards, a starting point, have acquired Hongxiutianxiang, under the banyan tree, Jinjiang, reading novels and other literary website. 2013, Tencent literature, Baidu literature, Ali literature, etc.. BAT have joined the field of literature, the network literature as the core to create a reading, publishing, film and television, games, cultural products, such as three-dimensional business chain. Founded in August 2015 2009 the original comic platform Yaoqi by Austrian flying animation to 900 million acquisition, had previously launched billions of dollars at the box office "one hundred thousand cold joke" movie, played a tonic for comic business.

audio content entrepreneurship, there are Himalaya, dragonfly FM platform. Himalaya as of May 2014, with more than 6000 audio programs through the certification by the creator of the creation of the column of the total amount of nearly audio, audio, audio and video, and so on, by the end of 3 million. The beginning of the establishment of the dragonfly FM focus radio listening, covering the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas radio stations. 2015 officially launched the PUGC strategy, invited a large number of traditional radio presenters, professional sound players, as well as from the media KOL specifically for online production content. 2015 is the year of the outbreak of mobile video. From the perspective of the content, the humour type, vertical type of content development; from the observation of the user structure, the traditional hand piece, grassroots users accounted for the mainstream television transition.

video content business is the most active, both independent production companies, but also from the media small business. In September 2016, Ma Dong departure from Iqiyi founder mewe media, is a leader in the independent content production company. More from the media or personal brand of small businesses, such as relying on the creation of a short video of the popular Papi sauce, relying on interesting clips + individual speech burst red S. From 2013 6>

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