Keywords Shanghai Longfeng ranked first to do it for

at this time, I saw the complementary Shanghai dragon and bidding, because not all companies will give enough marketing costs, such as environmental protection we Keyi 500 dollars a day, but this is not enough to burn, so I can only put the conversion rate of the best time, in fact, the real situation is daily time less than 7 hours, it can also be seen on the bidding for Shanghai dragon. In fact, I was in Shanghai dragon born, after doing the bidding bidding that is the mainstream, just to make up for auction in Shanghai dragon. Of course, this according to the individual conditions, who make up who is not natural, is based on their specific circumstances and decide.

auction and Shanghai dragon how to better, especially those of us used to do more tangled Shanghai dragon born at the same time in the face of these two things, just when I want to do the bidding in the auction, as do that even the Shanghai dragon and Phoenix are in fact found still key words Shanghai dragon ranking, this thing is found, because we don’t go to work on Sunday, so there is no promotion, then through the background EC400 basically every time to see several inquiries or comments.


I have been thinking about this problem with the

had a highest conversion rate of the key words I put it to the search engine optimization first, then I put the decisive keywords bidding to the shelf, because the key value is very high, so the front no accident words are generally ten bid, after the situation is that the keywords bring inquiry I was significantly decreased, the keywords and the bidding after seeing the results. In fact, the auction is damaging to the Shanghai dragon, I in this "bidding and Shanghai dragon is a site will affect Shanghai dragon at the click of the ranking". But I also have to do so in order to transform.

concluded: the combination of bidding and Shanghai dragon one is in time, with the Shanghai dragon bridge the gap time bidding. >

here I want to say no matter what things are not absolute, the most in line with their own strategies according to their own conditions, such as under my budget is not very enough, I can put all the expenses for the keywords ranking in the search engine home page are saved, in those without ranking keywords above. Of course, the premise is that the keywords are valuable, can bring good conversion keywords. This will maximize the benefits, if it is really the nouveau riche regardless of the cost of investment, it may play a role in Shanghai dragon is relatively small.

because I do see a lot of friends in the Shanghai dragon does not do the bidding, transformation is doing fine, if you do the bidding I believe things are a lot more obvious rise. These are not the most tangled, actually the most tangled is if I use the keywords ranking first do the bidding? This problem is not absolute and do not need to do, or according to their own situation.

For example,

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