How to deal with the situation of the site is down right

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found the problem, we begin to remedy the community forum website, first of all to delete all the rubbish information, upgrade website system, update the content, quantitative published original articles, all articles are pointing to the front page for the anchor link between one phase, the appropriate chain to the home page. Do it for a few days, the PR value of the site was resumed for 3.

do not know for what reason, in January this year, I inadvertently use webmaster tools were tested on two sites of long, actually found two sites PR value have been improved greatly: community website 3, group purchase site for 2, which for a less than a year’s Web site is is a good result (when a test that is 0), perhaps it is really kill passion, this achievement we do not care too much, they continue to "cold".

at the end of April this year when I once again tested the two sites, the results I almost fainted, two of the PR value of the site is 0! Oh, this serious problem that we feel. We immediately began to find out the reasons, the conclusion is that: the site has not updated for many months, the site was invaded serious was made a lot of junk information, some time ago the space not timely renewal and stop for a period of time.


really met a sudden drop in weight, what should we do? Let me tell you about my experience. During the last year of University Practice (April) and several friends for two names were built two websites: one is the local community forum, a group purchase website. At the beginning we are full of confidence, believe that you can succeed, so we are very hard (personally think that the optimization of our team and generalization ability are also good, so now also feeling whole website optimization are also good). About 4 months of hard work, we began to clean all the passion greatly reduced, people have been killing the passion until October of last year, members of the team were also left the Guangzhou times, two sites have been furnished, who is not willing to take care of.

a website PR value is very important, it directly determines the site keyword ranking, so whether it is new or old station webmaster every day will try its best to improve the PR value of the site. The website of the PR value from zero to 3 is difficult, the webmaster may need to be unknown to the public a year or even years of hard. But a website PR value from zero three is very easy, or overnight, some non-standard operations usually are likely to make your website major discounts. If one day find his website weight decline after the situation, we must promptly find the cause, timely treatment can be resumed as soon as possible before the weight, otherwise a few years of effort may be so wasted, that of a webmaster is more difficult than the lovelorn.

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