Keywords analytical instrument website layout details

The content area is mainly

website layout is very important on the site, the layout, the equivalent of well built, as long as the filling of good content can quickly improve the ranking. This station today, although there is no ranking, we can look at the layout of keywords, how to understand the site keywords layout.

was the first to see the home page, we want to know is title, keywords, description contents. From the title information can be seen in the layout of the four key words, we know is the most important in the best keywords on the left, it shows that this station is the key keywords electromagnetic flowmeter. Look at the key label description, in addition to words in headlines and added some key words. In general, the home key set 3-5, other words can turn into the column page and the content page. Describe the tag description of the contents of the goal and the main products of the enterprise, concise and to the point. The above is the homepage meta label information, in addition to these, we see what the local website for the keyword layout.

is not arranged at the bottom of the site keywords, this one about keyword is not certain if the core keywords, can be a number of important pages, there is an important content to help users keywords or long tail keywords can. Keywords bottom layout belong to the bottom of the navigation system, help users understand more information website, keywords can be bold, emphasizing the importance of content to the search engine.


home page, company profile and product display. In the company block, the company’s overall situation is described in detail, which also mentioned the main products of the company name, contains keywords content title tags and Keywords tag in. After the user, will soon be able to learn about the company. Look at the product display area, here is the main display area, the product will not update, and anchor text pictures can be set into the relevant keywords. Check the website code, we can also see pictures of Alt tag has placed a keyword search engine, easy to understand.


we see roughly layout of web page from the keywords, keyword density is reasonable. For the enterprise website, keywords layout section of the product is also very important. We can see that the column layout of the site keywords products basically reasonable, just describe this item is not to write, is still used in web page description. Column >

sidebar on the left navigation products, this block can also be arranged keyword. In addition to the core keywords, keyword can also set. Sidebar keyword set is not only conducive to the user to quickly understand the company’s main products, but also facilitate the search engines crawl, increase keyword density.



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