The love of Shanghai know techniques and details of promotion of Taobao mall

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talked about Taobao off promotion, many people would love to know through the use of Shanghai to promote the baby and promote Taobao shop, and the use of love Shanghai know Taobao mall. As we all know, love Shanghai for their products, know and love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia is very friendly, after a lot of keyword search is in the front row, especially in Shanghai know love students fall in love with the sea right weight is very high, so love Shanghai know the contents are in the first row.


although a lot of people in Shanghai to promote the use of love that Taobao customers, but many people still have the promotion effect is not significant. To explore the reason of promotion is not ideal, because love Shanghai know the promotion process does not pay attention to the details of the skills and. The following will take advantage of love Shanghai know promotion ISOUND Taobao Mall for example, talk about the promotion to master the skills and attention to details.


love Shanghai know the question and answer with link. Love links kelp skills, prefix Zhidao.baidu贵族宝贝/贵族宝贝isoundhr.tmall贵族宝贝/; another method is to submit the issue after revision, and then fill in the reference link there.

promotion Taobao mall skills

promotion Taobao mall details

is not the main account or auxiliary account, all questions will be hidden, to prevent people to track their own account have an ulterior motive. A number of similar products can only answer the question at a time. Answer the questions of the time interval in a few hours or a day or more. One day the love Shanghai that links can only do 2. With the link, the link cannot directly add the first page. We must do, a problem, some of the above answers.

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know ourselves from a love of Shanghai. Questions should focus on the key words on the front, such as "Taobao mall ISOUND products and how to simple questions. Before answering the question, to have some more love Shanghai know account, 1 main account, several auxiliary account. Answer the question, the account account B A a question to answer, then connected with A adoption account account B’s answer is the best answer. IP must be replaced after answering the questions, answer to avoid being deleted and account was banned. Answer the questions surrounding the topic to write, try to write more words, write more comprehensive.

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