The cross link is the best way to enhance the ranking

can’t do Links, we can do the cross link, Shanghai dragon combat password has been mentioned, one-way links is much higher than the weight transfer exchange links, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon Chen Yong also agree with this view, now the search engine has easily detected exchange links, because exchange links is not a real vote, that it is just a ways of search engine results manipulation, it will affect the quality of the search engine, to affect the search engine quality and tried to control the method of search results, we can all be regarded as cheating, which is why Google against excessive exchange Links and paid links, I believe that love is the same measures in Shanghai.

you have A sites and B sites, and the other C site D links. You use the A website links to the other D site, C site link each other with your B site. This is a cross link form.

you have A site and B site, C site and find links to each other. You use the A website links to the other C website, let the other side you link the C website B website.

Cross linking of

cross link definition

1: between the three sites of the cross link

贵族宝贝support.贵族宝贝/webmasters/bin/ hl=zh-Hans& answer=66356

; noble baby? Compared to

cross links are Links variants, too much Links is will have a negative influence on the site, here is the noble baby official blog post address, you know.

2: between the four sites of the cross link

Guangzhou Shanghai dragon Chen Yong in exchange links, always put forward cross links to other owners request, but always rejected. In fact, to do for a long time in Shanghai Longfeng people know that the rankings is the best way to cross link, only a small amount of Links, exchange too much Links website will have a negative impact. Guangzhou Shanghai Longfeng Chen Yong here to explain what is a cross link, you can refer to the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love cross links to explain 贵族宝贝baike.baidu贵族宝贝/view/2194688.htm, the author simply Reference Encyclopedia to explain cross links.

Links, cross links are one-way links, and search engines can not find the mystery, I use another site is pointing to your website, you point me to the target site.

based or Links, but ordinary Links is link exchange between two stations, three stations or more cross link exchange stations, mainly in the form of the following two.

cross links form


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