A young business war, 5 years by 10 billion, 4 words


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vertical electricity supplier died so much, how do you not Tmall, Jingdong kill?

this is the brewmaster network founder Hao Hongfeng was tortured for most problems.

early financing, met more than and 100 investors, did not get their money, so be tortured. After the concept of liquor electricity supplier shares listed three new board, the valuation of more than 10 billion, and took the money, but also the question of torture.

Hao Hongfeng is often referred to as "old Hao", he is a good man, this is related to his personal creed. Once, I asked the old Hao, why not with other companies the tear forced marketing? Laohao explained specifically, said he had a character creed: simple and sincere, friendly.

but I think Hao Hongfeng is essentially a hot blooded young man. Grass root period, when the security guard, sold newspapers, worked as a waiter, go to today, with a cavity blood. In 2008, is already a little millionaire Hao Hongfeng, with the team that we had, these hot blooded youth, ideals, dreams, why not do one thing for a lifetime to be proud of, let us do it 10 billion. Said he was young blood, because things are not just fight blood, but also desperately. Hao Hongfeng was in Zhengzhou to buy a dozen houses, do all sold into the brewmaster network company, is not afraid of naught.

After the listing of

, the old Hao’s goal is 100 billion. He said: I want to kill the market value of nearly 100 billion, the world’s largest alcohol company DIAGEO."

the question is, by what

vertical electric counter attack?

brewmaster network has been interpreted N many times, but this case to dissect what brewmaster network little-known side. In the brewmaster network cases in depth interview process, I found that the secret is unspoken rule: liquor is generally regarded as the standard, but the spirit is the essence of non-standard products. Performance in two dimensions, one is fragile, bring great pressure on the supply chain. Two is the custom, brewmaster network 80% hot products are based on custom.

this is a huge moat, is also a disastrous challenge. Driver Hao Hongfeng, the young blood of the 6 years from 2 million to 10 billion for the electricity supplier, market capitalization, behind by 4 words.

this is another truth liquor electricity supplier.

one, barbaric growth, forced out of the ecological electricity supplier

in 2008, is the Shanxi wine nouveau riche Hao Hongfeng first proposed the blood of a dream: "10 years after the turnover to do 10 billion." To achieve this goal, there are only two ways: one is to open wineries; one is to do channels.

Hao Hongfeng found that the winery and do the way to do 10 billion channels within the scale of 10 years, basically impossible. The only way to achieve this goal is e-commerce.

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