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website comments function to increase the interactivity of the website, but also to those of us who do network promotion left a "rub" machine. A few years ago, when I was a novice, I stumbled across China’s top ranked military blog, each with tens of thousands of hits. So I decided to catch some fish with him.

wants to make a lot of money is not wrong, but we must understand that the accumulation of wealth is actually like a snowball, the process must be experienced from small to large, only the initial advantage of CAI will be snowball snowball, the advantage will become increasingly evident. Many people’s Web site after the completion of no traffic, learning SEO, and feel confused. The site barely lasted a few months, but eventually gave up. I understand them, the site can not make money without traffic, and can not earn money, who can not stand. Internet is big. Traffic on the Internet is unlimited, but these traffic only belongs to those who understand it". Only those who know it can get unlimited traffic, so they can control traffic as they wish.

through the search engine

, third of them, "manual propaganda, traffic" is the lowest level, but also the most dismissive. But it is the most suitable for novice operators. So today I’m going to talk to you about the most stupid method of manual propaganda, "commented".

Why write

, the method I used to comment on this blog, was more popular with Firefox browser downloads, a download of 8 cents. I’m constantly changing all kinds of female Internet names, and commented: using Firefox browser, you can search foreign pornographic websites, and then give Firefox’s download address. Of course, this address is my own website.

Firefox cancelled, I continued to use this method to do SP, or use the female screen name to lure. Lured to a satyr registration, you can deduct a percentage from 6>

in general, the new station to obtain traffic through the following three ways:

webmaster Wangzhuan, because I think I do Wangzhuan composition more. Think about this 09 years, is really fast. Today is December 31st. Look back for 09 years, look for success, look for failure. From these experiences, 2010 of the targets can be found.

one month, when I saw a report on the webmaster website that there was a website that could upload documents and make money, the website wouldn’t say so, so that people would say I’m advertising here. Very excited, go to that website to upload a document every day. With my girlfriend, I’ve heard a lot. But the money has been less than 1 yuan. When I wanted to give up, I found a local batch upload software, but it needed 360 yuan. After some thought, I bought it. Although you have local uploads, you have to look for documents. It was silly to download documents from the document data station. But these are slow. Less than 500. of the documents came out every day and later went to college to pay for documents. Fortunately, did not go ah, ha ha, or else lose big. This has been going on for many days. Find a document software on the Internet, the book. Ha ha, I couldn’t express my excitement at that time. The new year is also passed this thing. But I haven’t been able to do it. 100., I feel a little frustrated.

3 manual promotional traffic

1 buy traffic


but my comment was released in one or two minutes and will be deleted by the administrator, but it doesn’t matter. Delete it and I’ll do it again. That’s it. I’m here. The administrator is over there to delete my comment. He deleted me and continued. And I was shot for a place, let him impossible to guard against. By this comment, I made more than 4000, more than 4000 a month, but it was a small amount for me when I was in touch with the internet.

in March, began to think about doing their own web site. But I don’t know anything, even though I’m a programmer. I occasionally read 500 tutorials on the Internet every day. The brain is beginning to civilize. I don’t think it’s necessary to do a website and start a program. The original program is available. Registered the first domain name. But look, the server didn’t buy it and didn’t have the money to buy it. I made it out of peanut shells, and they all made it. Of course, the middle cost a lot of things. But it was not normal after two days. In a fit of anger, continue to search documents. In mid March, the stepmother introduced a project that was related to software. Looking at her project, I know it’s a pyramid scheme. But how can I tell her that she doesn’t believe it?. Finally, she throws 14W. We may as well tell you that the last item is the famous world pyramid scheme this year. After she voted, she was given 200 software, and then she asked me and my girlfriend to find some advertisements for her. 3000 per month. My girlfriend and I would like to order it ourselves. We are from 8 in the morning to 10 in the evening

in February, I began to consider to do a similar website, because I have been concerned about the site and found it a year advertising revenue has tens of millions, think of yourself if have such a website, a year to earn a 20W line ah. I’m a student of program. But I quit school after I finished school. I was looking for a friend to work with, but we all had no money. It has always been discussed on the lips, and we haven’t had the actual combat experience of the program. Later, he was tricked into pyramid schemes. I still want to do that site, and slowly it comes to nothing. But the documents uploaded on the site have been paid off. For the first time, I received 96 yuan in the waiting. Very excited.

now the Internet has entered the era of Web2.0, in the end what is 2, what is the 3? In fact, I also don’t understand, I only know that the site is now pay attention to interaction, interaction is that users can express their views and opinions on the site. One of the interactive ways is to write reviews.

2 gets traffic SEO

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