Search engine optimization strategy (six) don’t go into the optimization error

in the stack time keywords a few years ago may play a certain role, but with the search engine group

: a content update may not be good

?Keywords: The

three: do not hide text and links

is the webmaster of hidden text, in order to improve a keyword density, on the one hand increase the correlation of key words in the page, and increase its density, and ordinary users to browse the page is not to see. But don’t think this is favorable to the optimization of search engine, is a kind of non friendly performance, the search engine will often think you are cheating. So for the keyword text hidden webmaster or not to do, lest The loss outweighs the gain. The hidden links and hidden text is of the same nature, sometimes some owners will be sent out in the reverse link to join, actually this search engine is not friendly, still be counterproductive. Not all people do, the chain is difficult to

search engine optimization can enhance your weight and position to win more customers, but a lot of the time optimization is not reasonable is also easy to make a mistake to stationmaster, resulting in the overall optimization of site failures. So webmaster optimization often encounter what optimization error in the optimization, we should pay attention to what we do the following discussion?.

as a part of the search engine optimization, content is undoubtedly plays a crucial role. Many webmaster in the optimization of the web site often update the article a lot, in order to obtain the search engine friendliness. However, the flood can also cause negative effect. After all, the small owners you can not guarantee that every update all of the original, while for low weight website, to search engine optimization is a very fatal error. Do not imitate station to learn, because you lack of authority, the search engine will not give you so much weight. As for the pseudo original although there is a certain degree of feasible suggestions, but not excessive, original and pseudo original website to update the reasonable collocation. In general, the small owners every day in the site updated a few original article will get the favour of search engine, do not have to be too anxious. Even if you 3 a day, so one month down there are nearly 100 original. If things go on like this, the invisible weight also increased.

chain to play more of the course website effect is better this is as everyone knows things, but the taboo is outside the chain of hair. Some owners often use in order to increase the number of site outside the chain outside the chain of tools to the user’s mailbox, forums, blogs, message boards, and other positions of tens of thousands of the send junk outside the chain, serious damage to the network environment, the network made a mess. This chain then changed to "junk chain" not only to achieve good results, but also resulted in the drop, even the search engine will be considered cheating, blacklisted letter processing station. So, the quality of the chain has become the only choice of webmaster.

two: the chain is not the more the better

four stack

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