Love Shanghai is constantly changing, and to protect the interests of users and Consumers Associatio

still remember that moment 2012 Qihoo 360 turned out, carrying 360 security browser huge user group, at the beginning of the line to get 10% users, this is not a love Shanghai profound understanding to the crisis. In 360 launched a comprehensive search, is one of the main attack love Shanghai medical promotion contains a large number of false information, violation of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The love of Shanghai Consumers Association jointly largely in order to prevent the false promotion damage to love Shanghai own brand, with more high quality service to win customers sincere support.

today the dragon in the search site keywords "Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon optimization", inadvertently found the right column notice love Shanghai link at the top of the eye-catching, love in Shanghai and association jointly launched the "love Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users to help users search better against business counterfeiting, fraud, and effectively protecting consumers the legitimate rights and interests. Dragon changed a few search terms that only keywords will produce marketing activities, love of Shanghai will be in the right is at the top of the Shanghai Association and show love to remind you of your sign, as shown in figure

the love Shanghai and China Consumers Association jointly launched the "love Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users, can be described as" >

false information whether the traditional marketing or network marketing, are repeated things, there is always someone in the money, the lure of profit and damage public profit. Although the state has promulgated a series of laws and regulations, but some smart people can always find loopholes in the law. The network the same, although love Shanghai more than once to take various measures to prevent the adverse information on the platform, the participants always take the combination of guidance and punishment, guide the direction of the development of respect the rights and interests of consumers. Today, with a large area of development Haitong sitemap permissions, Adsense website crawl, determine the site so as to better conform to the requirements of Shanghai love. To take to support the strategies of quality website love Shanghai always do, but for the infringement of the interests of users of the site is ruthless punishment, of course harming things have occurred.

in China since Google quit after Shanghai became the field of search engines love fully deserve leader, "there is a problem, love Shanghai" is generally more popular choice. With the increase of search engine market position in the life of the people, huge economic benefits to attract some businesses through false bidding promotion earn huge profits, in violation of the rights and interests of the customers but also do harm to the good image of love in Shanghai. Although the love before and Shanghai through a lot of rectifying the medical industry, launched the spark program to encourage principle, advocate the webmaster in optimization to optimize the formal methods, even at the right down through the K station, no medical qualification shall not participate in the auction business strategy, but some people dare to rush into danger in front of the profits. Through to love Shanghai local agents, or by means of optimization, make the site in the Shanghai home of love, the love of consumer trust and profit from Shanghai.

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