June 24th Shanghai update net Wangzhuan feel love

their ranking did not rise but drop, which is worth thinking about. The best way is to look at those rankings station, look at others to stand. Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult! In fact, on the whole, there are two reasons, one is lazy, two others is also hard than you. Through the webmaster tools to check the website snapshot, website, website chain actually know what the lack of. When there is no ranking first, every day to write original articles, send the chain, when their first suddenly relaxed, a little smug feeling, no longer updated website, not to advertise their sites, some become lazy, the ranking is a natural thing down.

net Wangzhuan reprint keep the link

Original: 贵族宝贝wzhuan.cn/zatan/137.html

Wangzhuan also so, if the world where entrepreneurship is the most fair, I feel that the network. You don’t need a deep relationship, do not need too much background, but do not need abundant capital. You only need a computer, a network cable can be opened. You can also set up shop on the net, also can do optimization promotion, can learn to do wangzhuan. Just need you to do it every day. At present, the survey Wangzhuan God helps those who help themselves! Like SkyDrive, game, click Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan and so on these projects, as long as you work hard can earn money.

this day Shanghai was updated, Wangzhuan nets ranking is still not improved. Go to Admin5 forum to learn every day, the love of Shanghai update seems to become the Shanghai dragon Er topic of discussion, some owners said his ranking, some say down, anyway also pregnant and worries. And the people said "love Shanghai and ventilation", some say "love Shanghai algorithm is rubbish". But anyway, I personally still feel we need to look for their own reasons. Love Shanghai we are unable to change, we can change our own.

Shanghai dragon has no permanent rank, no eternity Wangzhuan ranking, any lazy person, any progress, will be eliminated by the network army. Love Shanghai adjustment algorithm can only be more and more focus on user experience, more and more of the best site to pick up, predict the future of the network will net Wangzhuan station is outstanding more and more outstanding, less garbage station. Although the Wangzhuan industry is filled with many user experience unfriendly Wangzhuan site and forum, but will be more and more outstanding, more and more little liar station.

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