The billionaire out of the mountains

Qiu Wei, today the Shaanxi heard heard, by him to create a "Clara" restaurant has been around the Guanzhong hinterland of the high streets and back lanes advertising slogan "sizzling steak, delicious, Clara" has become many people’s pet phrase

for having heard it many times!

had the opportunity to interview the chairman Clara today, is my life, a noble Qiu Wei, the following words are arranged interviews.

a man barren hills and turbulent rivers

my name is Qiu Wei, born in 1971 in Fujian Longyan village in a remote mountainous region, in the third of five children. Where the land is barren, steep mountain, traffic inconvenience, one family want to survive all hope, not good mother perennial body, home labor shortage, in order to let children to continue their studies, I studied for only one year of junior high school dropout home farm.

this is the house where I was born

That year,

home farm, I thought a lot: "I can’t stay in this small village, should go out to try again." Soon, the township government to recruit correspondents, I think this may be my only chance to jump out of the farm, soon, I became a correspondent of the township government.

At the beginning of

to the township government, his age is not a two degree, no experience, in addition to a fiery heart, can be described as much. So usually do things carefully, carefully, after 3 years of hard work diligently, I was recommended to the leaders of the Township County Bureau of civil affairs work.

my first working unit

identity or correspondent, the main work is still clean, water, paper, errands chores, different work platform let me have a preliminary plan for my life. At that time, his dream is to become a famous Royal civil servants to become civil servants, in addition to the ability to opportunities, knowledge is an important aspect, but the lack of time after work, I go to the evening school charge, usually in addition to work, it is learning to read.

in 1992, when I was 21 years old, is recommended to the provincial capital for further study. Come back, I finally got to be peasants, become a civil servant. So I was in the County Civil Affairs Bureau to work diligently for 6 years, until 2000, after the business.

Western food innovation frustrated

China’s reform and opening up the achievements of the first batch of the development of Shenzhen SAR, a group of outstanding entrepreneurs came into being, the reason for their success is to seize the opportunity to reform." The clarion call of the western development of the country has given me the opportunity to start a business.

in September 2000, I came to Xi’an, with people from the building materials business. 3 years of painstaking efforts, the success of the company made a profit of about 10000000 yuan, becoming the city’s industry second. The success of the first venture to allow themselves to aspire to a broader stage.

in 2004, I moved to Beijing to join the investment, a western restaurant, due to the lack of management experience of operation, only seven months.

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