YesGlobal Nanshan entrepreneurship contest final competition in the UK division finalsWant to become

online to do Witkey, there are two ways to make money, one is to undertake tasks to make money, and one is to make marketing partners to make money.

to undertake the task of making money, need to rely on real skills. You need to have expertise in design, procedures, planning, and so on. To undertake planning and programming tasks in a task China website I half a year ago, earned nearly 10 thousand yuan, of which the Witkey task 8 standard, 3 standard bidding task, quick task by the employer asked 2 times, up nearly 9000 yuan, equivalent to 3 more than a month wages.

choosing a secure site does not necessarily make money. I think it’s critical to choose the right way to make money. Here to recommend 6 kinds of authentic and reliable way to make money online, want to make money friends may wish to make use of their own resources and ability to try.

Winners List:

as one of the judges in the London senior lawyer Shen Hui lawyers said that the patent and registration details, need to invest some time and energy, good layout, hope more students can through professional counseling, or help UVIC British education students visa center super famous enterprises and other channels, as soon as possible protection for business the structure of their own and the patent that can be assured of internationalization in the future development process, and reduce the loss of intellectual property, get more investors.

Britain has the advantages of Britain, such as simple registration companies, less interference by policies, fair competition environment, small and beautiful market, very suitable for the initial cultivation of the company. For example, the head of the participating intelligent biotechnology group said, "in the Bionics Biology field of the project, the mature is the United Kingdom.". Although the UK market is not large, it helps to penetrate the markets of other countries."

projects differ at different stages in selected countries. Most of the technology research and development teams are willing to choose the UK business in the early stages, because the legal aspects are relatively perfect and better patent protection can be obtained.

, Taobao, pat and other large trading platform is the first choice for you shop, you can sell clothing, jewelry, toys, books and so on, but you have to prepare the premise of supply. No supply of friends, if you really want to shop online, you can also help others sell goods, profit from them, this is also a good choice.

second: touch zero


first: shop online and sell things.

third: build your own personal website, rely on advertising to make money,

Making money on the The London Office of The

Hardware: check whether the site has a business license, a certificate of telecommunications business approval, payment methods, and detailed contact address. If there is a need to advance the franchise fees, I suggest that you do not go.

entrepreneurship, VS work,

second: Internet to do Witkey power to make money.

network has become a reality for many people. It’s so enviable to stay home and make an enviable living. However, for the initial network gold novice, first must learn to choose a secure web site, don’t sleepwalk was cheated out of his money. I suggest you go to regular websites to make money, income guaranteed. Here, the author teaches you two ways to see through informal websites.

the morning of September 16th, Nanshan District people’s Government of Shenzhen city by the host, the Global Youth Entrepreneurs Association YESGlobal, UVIC UK visa Education Center hosted the Nanshan entrepreneurship contest British division "and" innovation Nanshan 2016 venture Star Contest the finals come to an end.

third: Lysth kindergarten

to build a personal website, a lot of people not only do webmaster hidden, you can also have some traffic on the site after the advertising to make money, this is a lot of people win amateur paid jobs.

where is China and Britain working well,

marketing partners need to make money to have a wealth of network resources. Recommend friends, release tasks, or recommend friends to undertake tasks, you can get the corresponding commission.

No. 1: intelligent biotechnology

teams have talked about the success of the Nanshan entrepreneurship competition, and compared the advantages of Sino British entrepreneurship. As students studying in the UK, they also give their views and opinions on entrepreneurship and job hunting.

of course, the size of the market and capital is still better in china. China’s demographic dividend, scale, and corresponding purchasing power are unmatched by any other country in the world. In China, any product has a very favorable operating space, and huge market capacity.

this competition final takes the sea song direct promotion pattern. Participants have the idea, the organizers will give free tutor training before the fast track way. In the final, the team will perform 15 minute presentations, and the judges and the team will have 5 minutes of questions and answers. High tech, the application of materials is the highlight of the British division. The application of new educational theories and models in western countries also challenges the old educational models in china.

website is really Wangzhuan, since personal network > once the most NB

online shopping has become the mainstream shopping methods, so many people have grasped the efficient way of online marketing. According to informed sources, now many individual bosses, government workers, white-collar workers, college students and so on, they all use their spare time to do business online, but also fruitful.

"give me 100 thousand pounds, and I won’t give up my business," said an entrepreneur who failed to reach the final

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