Liu Jinge two do Shanghai dragon first will do the following

in such a position in which you just play with keyword links, preferably in the front at the beginning, when writing the writing good, generally only at the beginning of the best add a keyword is enough, but at the end you can add one or two, the end of which a keyword keyword can be a can and at the beginning of the same, but another is not the same as the beginning of keywords, this effect will be better than what we are without or with too many links too much better.

time and adds the link text, but we also want to add some intermediate link text? If added will have better effect? For this problem I also give you no definitive answer, I can add to the middle part of the link text keywords, also can not add. And my advice is best not to add some links in the middle of the text, because text reader is content, if we add too many links for readers will feel tired, this website friendliness is not so good. So, the middle and it depends, the article is very long words and an anchor text link; the article is not too long if you don’t.

for example keywords you do now is: Net decoration furniture decoration house decoration on the three words for you every update 3 articles, two articles can be ranked in the following key words in the front of the title plus last one can easily get the title of your creative.

is the first two title of the article must take back a keyword, and the keywords must be especially attractive to the eye, so out of the effect is that others to look more attractive and a look at other articles to help visitors increase residence time on the site. Because customers only stay on the site for a long time it is possible to find the maximum benefits of the site, in order to achieve the ultimate result of the sale.

we can update the article in time appropriate at the beginning of the article with appropriate keywords on the link, end with a keyword also a link, to ensure that at least two words or the same and the article you can put the main keywords a word or two words or more words in the title in front of the. This time he saw a spider crawling in correlation to crawl content more quickly and effectively. Below I for example:

we say a little more detail is in every article, and how to add keywords there,


as a webmaster, every day we have to update our website a lot of information about. In the process of editing also need to pay attention to a lot of places, such as pay attention to update the article in the alt attribute of typos, photos, or website internal links. However, how to edit in order to achieve the best effect? I to tell you about the following:

first content and the title of the standard

We update the

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