mprove the PR value to learn to endure loneliness

is unremittingly improve

recently Google continuously update the PR value and so many new owners from the return of the PR value of the degree of concern and attention, although the PR for the current Chinese station who has to do is not very useful, but many do foreign trade station or the British friends still still attaches great importance to PR, after all, have a higher the PR value also can have good rankings in Google, ranked by importance to get high quality flow. Well, nonsense not say, today we talk about how to enhance the stability of rapid PR.

PR is a long process, don’t want to bite into a big fat man, even if really "fat", that is virtual "fat", a few days will be down, oh, so I advice you webmaster friends do this, I hope all of you in the Shanghai dragon website is helpful. Thank you

thank you!

not eager to enhanceThe latest

3: PR

webmasters do in a few months before the full interest, but when they find themselves hard to do for a few months and the content of the PR value chain still not ascend up when to give up the site, actually improve PR requires not only time, more unremittingly, 10 million don’t three days fishing nets two days of drying! If you insist on publishing and every day the chain, long time website still haven’t any dynamic, that should check the site itself if there are problems, identify problems and timely treatment, so as to achieve the

many webmaster to rapidly improve the PR value of the site will be crazy to buy high quality outside the chain, in fact it is very dangerous, once you no longer to buy these links, your site will face all kinds of love from Shanghai Google or punishment. Google claims to be severely punished and the recent purchase link webmaster, so please think twice before buying links in the webmaster! Eat hot tofu

too late!

English station do a lot of friends will ask me why their station for two months, and every day to keep the chain and the site of the PR, but always does not rise up. Oh, in fact, this is very normal, just for the new station, I personally think that PR need about half of the time at least, if you insist on the chain and content every day, so after the first half of your results should be PR in about 2 – 4, even more good luck and technical webmaster can PR do 5 in half a year. So I hope not anxious, slowly to everyone in the society do the PR value, one step at a time!

2: upgrade PR best buy links


1: PR

!Please keep the link, the first A5 贵族宝贝


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