Hard operation site is K cause analysis

rely on love Shanghai webmaster meal is really vulnerable, love Shanghai update the webmaster to terror, after update is a few happy tears phenomenon. Love Shanghai algorithm also are all unpredictable, the station operated recently encountered a strange phenomenon: the site is K included in the end love sea, zero. But second days will recover, third days will be K, continuous hair problems, I really do not know what is premeditated love Shanghai. The author will analyze their website is the cause of the K.

: the second site outside the chain is awesome. This site in the construction of the chain, the chain is mainly for the signature of the chain in the forum, this thought this signature can give the site a large number of the chain, but it is not the case, the author analysis the website problems, found BBS signature chain is almost useless, a a monthly Forum made thousands of stickers, but did not give a website what the high weight of chain. Began to think that this site has become stable, make the forum outside the chain almost, but the fact is not so stable, although it tends to a stable state, but the chain weight high or very necessary. The site is now a problem, want to be loved in Shanghai included, is estimated to be in the chain website on the work.

: finally insisted that the site back weight. Now hard run website problems, can not give up no matter, no matter the website >

: the first original content website is not enough. The website will be the case, the main reason is because their website weight is not high enough, the primary cause of weight is not high enough or because the original content of the site is not enough. The site is ixwebhosting host host information about purchasing website, it’s not too much, the content of the update, which is updated to use some of the host, but these articles are also some pseudo original method, the search engine may not be what the content is of high quality, even if these articles to the user it is of very high quality, but the search engine is unable to determine such quality. Cannot update the content on the website with the search engine requirements, drop right is the inevitable result.

again: too many outbound links. The weight of the site itself is not very high, the owners will think through the Links way to increase the weight of the website, the website later appeared strange phenomenon above, many sites have secretly removed the Links, I failed to check Links timely situation, led to the site of the outbound links too much. But one time too many links not removed, it will certainly affect the weight of the website more. The site is K, to other sites to give you the chain do indeed is a bit difficult, but you also have to check the Links timely, reduce site outbound links, reduce the weight loss website. In the hope of removing Danlian Links later, the weight of the website can be restored, so as to solve the problem that the site was K, also warned the webmaster to check their Links.

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