Talk about my first venture cheated experience

this money earn more and more bad, easy to find work, even if there is also work to earn enough to spend, because now the life level, income must also improve can. Now many people want to start a business, but do not know what to do?


eight years ago, he is still a young man of the age of more than and 20, days are not afraid, not afraid of the ground, a body of bravery, what all dare to do, what do you want to do.

is a bit impetuous, lack of patience and experience.

sometimes think, young good ah, do what you want to do, which is now like their own, a lot of ideas, but very few, but it is necessary to pay a high price.

1, working

was a low salary, do the waiter a month to 600 yuan a month plus commission, about 1000 or so; in a rubber factory salary was 700 yuan, exhausted men. In the three star hotel as a waiter salary is only 1000 yuan a month, only 1000 yuan; the baby shop assembled baby a month to 500 yuan.

I have not worked for many years, and I do not know how much wages are now a month, but I believe that a month will not be less than two thousand or three thousand yuan, and then who do low ah?

because of the low wages, he did not want to what degree, mix well, my only out is to do business, when I began to learn how to do business, like that, this is only minor.

at that time I like reading newspapers, looking for work in the newspaper, looking for entrepreneurial projects.

I was in Lianyungang, Sinpo, when I see the newspaper has a lot of business to join the project, some processing beads, some processing is lighter, battery and so on, a lot of.

I remember seeing a battery, I called to ask. There was no cell phone, I only went to the public phone. After the call, the boss and I said that the local people bad, do not believe those.

from then on I did not hit the phone, the boss is also a big age, a little experience, I also believe.

later, I read in the newspaper that there is a football processing, processing a cost of 10 yuan, but also in our Xuzhou.

2, processing football

I work in Lianyungang in the first half of the

time, morning, afternoon stall, half the time saved 1700 yuan.

think about the past is not easy, now a week before the work of the money to earn half a year, paid so much, wasted so much time, but the return of the poor.

dry six months later, when the Spring Festival is coming, I resigned, ready to go home for the new year.

home after the end of the year, I went to Xuzhou to find the processing of football.


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