WeChat small program to kill app Entrepreneurs may not think so

Abstract: WeChat small program, the emergence of the test is probably app distribution channels, but allow entrepreneurs to completely abandon app, I am afraid it is impossible.

" what is a small program: small program is a need to download the application you can use, it realizes the application of ‘untouchable’ dream, the user can open or sweep search application. Also reflects the ‘run away’ concept, users do not have to worry about whether to install too many applications. Applications will be ubiquitous, ready to use, but do not need to install uninstall. "


this is Zhang Xiaolong on September 22nd at 23 minutes in a circle of friends WeChat.

comments in the comments section of this Zhang Xiaolong, Tencent’s first message, said: "apple does not let the application number, but perhaps a good thing instead of." The evening of September 22nd, some of the WeChat public number received from the official WeChat beta invitation: developers can quickly develop a small program in WeChat. From the beginning of the new function of brewing formerly known as the "application", launched the beta night in friends scraper. There are people who can not help but feel that the Internet circles, WeChat’s small program has come, app also want to develop it?

has a small program, has to be APP

from the leaked screenshots, all kinds of application program will appear in the "WeChat" found "page, in the" shopping "and" game "increases below the" application "category under the hammer, calendar, weather, ink drops travel, opal film appear in the screenshot.

now, click on WeChat’s "discovery" page, "shake", "near", "bottle" appear on the page, the future WeChat small program from online to the mass line, it is expected that these functions will be from "found" page disappear.

back in January of this year, the father of WeChat, said Zhang Xiaolong, to develop an application number, to provide users with app function. For users, there are 2 benefits: first, the phone can download less app, usually open the frequency of the software is not high, you can use WeChat’s small program instead; the two is to change the phone, no need to repeat the installation software.

brewing for more than 7 months, the new function of this small program is finally holding a half cover of the pipa appeared.

APP flooding, most are "zombie"

WeChat small program was born, there are hundreds of millions of APP in the presence of a large number of cases.

September 22nd, Tencent Global Partner Conference, general manager of Tencent mobile application platform, said Zhou Tao, the application of treasure day distribution exceeded 200 million, APP access up to 3 million 500 thousand, accounting for the first distribution industry. However, in the millions of APP, most of the APP (long tail applications) traffic growth can not keep up with the number of growth, in addition to similar

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