Why do we need a focus on small and micro business wealth selection


in a noisy discourse circle, there is always a silent majority."

double career like a raging fire and stay in the spotlight, entrepreneurs are always a few people. Most entrepreneurs will eventually become the "unknown hero" – in the eyes of the public and the media are obscure, but in their service customers in mind, they are so important and warm. The unknown hero is even greater than the influence of Ma Yun Robin Li, life for most people.

the number of these heroes is about 50 million. From the State Administration for Industry and Commerce latest statistics show that in 2015, the number of private enterprises in China 16 million 538 thousand, the number of individual industrial and commercial households reached 51 million 398 thousand.

they are distributed in all walks of life, some grinding a product, and some run a shop, some of the Internet to transform traditional industries. Their common feature is to operate their own brand with the spirit of craftsman.

Forbes rankings, the annual economic figures, these awards were awarded to the star entrepreneur. While Rimula · annual "+ micro wealth exchange Award is only awarded to the unknown hero, these small micro entrepreneurs to create wealth. Compared with the former, Rimula · annual "+ micro wealth exchange Award more worthy of attention:

First, the

were closer to the truth


Dong Mingzhu said: Ma a good, and the more the better Dong Mingzhu.

Dong Mingzhu describes a truth: Ma only one, most people will not become Ma, but they can achieve their career in their respective fields, and contribute a little better than the small ma. There is no real economy, there is no small and micro enterprises, there is no cornerstone of China’s economy.

were two, the selection is a motto of

as long as there is a supporter, do not give up their careers.

start, every difficult entrepreneurs, have their own motto. Some people summarize the experience from the history of entrepreneurship, some people get wisdom from the older generation, and the selection is not another motto this identity, will be accompanied by small and micro enterprises through the most difficult and dark years. Small and micro business wealth gain from selection, is not only a concern and endorsement, but also from the spiritual support.

were three, the silent sound

for yourself

looks like "Ma Ma" fire, but a substantial contribution to the economy of small and micro business Chinese wealth is still silent.

micro entrepreneurial wealth without too much exposure, and the annual "micro + award is the best sounding channel. Small and micro business wealth who need to learn to speak for themselves, when a year-end selection aggregation of millions of small and micro entrepreneurs forces, it is no longer a common selection. An army of ants, force >

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