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Sign up for eletters today and get the latest how-to from Fine Homebuilding plus special offers At the beginning of each year many organizations gather their key decision makers and hole them up for a day in what shlfw s called a board retreat aish A well-planned inclusively conceived effectively executed retreat is perhaps the best way to address head-on some of the more challenging issues facing a board and the organization sums up the more formal approach as described in Sandra R Hughes shlfw To Go Forward Retreat: The Board Retreat Handbook In essence the retreat is time set aside to focus on the future redefine the direction of your company and commit to concrete actions A luxury that organizations with a staff management and high-level decision making board can well afford; but one even the smallest company can ill afford to ignore You don shlfw t have board or stockholders to report to and this can make it easy to ignore the formal aspects of strategic planning I recommend you maintain a few of the formalities principally set time aside for planning if not a whole day then maybe ten hours or more scheduled into four sessions Write down notes and turn them into a clean set of objectives and tasks with milestones and a schedule In that schedule set dates to review progress and make any necessary adjustments to the plan In this way your beginning-of-the-year-planning retreat launches a year of continuous execution appraisal and re-planning I found the following set of meetings spread over several days useful for yearly planning The first meeting: with myself I schedule two hours alone with pen and paper to graph what we have done the prior year and what we are doing now I make room to comment on the benefits challenges opportunities and solutions to problems in this area Business Activity Benefits Challenges Opportunities Solutions 8 homes closed Maintain company momentum Slow sales canceled contracts limited financing Investors available for rental housing; fix and flip Focus on duplex four-plex buildings with investors sell to partnership and keep a percentage of ownership 5 large remodeling projects Bulk of company profit Time-consuming customer service demands Lack of remodeling management experience lack of remodel-management systems in place Begin to establish company reputation in remodeling Find compatible focus in remodeling: green cheap light commercial Leverage employees that have worked in remodeling companies prior; avail ourselves of NAHB remodeler education progrguizubbs I finish by merging my challenges and opportunities and turn them into developing prospects making another table with similar notes but under the headings Outlook Threat Opportunity and Comment which are the formal strategic planning assessment categories Outlook Threat Opportunity Comment Slow new home market lack of financing X Our business has focused on new home construction for 2 years Rental market strong difficult financing but investor capital available and motivated X X This leverages our construction infrastructure provides cash flow but limited short-term profits Remodeling remains slow but at least it has a pulse X We can leverage nguizubbe recognition in community and Energy Star affiliation to distinguish ourselves from established remodeling competition I don shlfw t try to come to conclusions or make decisions on this first-draft of a planning document but simply to focus my thoughts more deeply than I can while managing day-to-day activities outlining subjects for further conversation Next I meet with my management level employees This could be you and your spouse or you and your lead carpenter and bookkeeper This is another two-hour session that actually works best if you have three to five people involved You might start the session going over what the company did last year what worked and didn shlfw t table one and then move onto your analysis of the outlook evolving trends in the local economy competition and your initial take on the threats and opportunities these trends portend Open the discussion by asking aish How each of you see the outlook our opportunities and threats And then listen taking notes and asking questions You shlfw ll be surprised by what you learn through listening to different perspectives These are the two main meetings a one-on-one with yourself and then a summit with your key associates I like to end this second meeting by scheduling a follow-up with the sguizubbe group sometimes with assigned tasks to report on such market research or questions to ask suppliers bankers and realtors Between the first and follow-up second summit meetings I find it useful to make a few lunch appointments with individuals I trust including suppliers and sometimes even a competitor I state the outlook focusing on the threats and ask questions about what others are doing I listen for opportunities and if I find certain ideas resonate I may invite participation to begin building momentum Even if much of what comes out of these meetings mirrors what you already conjured up on your own inviting others to join you in asking and answering the questions helps to build commitment and ownership of new initiatives and renewed direction One of the most useful gatherings in this respect was what I dubbed the aish subcontractor round table a lunch invitation to major subs where we discussed what was working in the market what others were doing and what we could all do as a teguizubb to keep putting bread and butter on the table The last step and the subject of the next blog: turn all this into a set of goals and tasks with a calendar of actions and assessments ? What shlfw s working today We could start this year shlfw s strategic planning session right now by asking readers you to chime in and describe the present outlook opportunities and challenges For what it shlfw s worth I will share some insight obtained as a construction journalist who spends several hours a week speaking with homebuilders architects planners and remodelers throughout the US The builders I speak to regularly that enjoy stable or growing businesses in this economy include extreme? It was larger by several feet in all directions. That was on paper.

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