Talk about my views on College Students’ Entrepreneurship


the one called @ Feng Zhiyong’s boots University School, the school arranged "occupation career interview", and then made a speech to the PPT, his first thought is Lu Songsong, so a few questions, hoping to get my views and opinions, so only the paper: I talk about the business students some view.

Q1: can you briefly introduce your career and its characteristics,


I do is webmaster of the occupation, is now rarely mentioned, owners are in transition to the media, a popular occupation is the Internet, through the "text" to other users to transfer your value, your energy. The Internet gives us no background of a counter attack opportunity, webmaster or self media, all belong to this. The two occupation, let many people successful counter attack, this is the Internet, now I’m like, from an ordinary office worker behind own company.

Q2: what is your biggest accomplishment after work?

after work to find the campus life is so beautiful, no one complicated interpersonal relationships, friends are very simple. After work, I found myself more and more realistic, more and more far away from the original dream; but also understand the "look at the stars, down to earth," meaning. Especially after 30 years of age, will be more and more time, do not want to waste time on meaningless things, such as watching tv.

Q3: for ordinary college students, just graduated without economic basis, no work experience, how should we see their own business?

all the media, teachers, even countries in the promotion of "the business" actually pit a lot of young people, I graduated second years started business in Beijing, but less than a year of failure, the gap between the ideal and reality is very large, the set of methods in the school doesn’t work. I also know that 99% of college students will fail to start a business, because we always think the future is too good, too high goal set. This more and more college students hold a "talent" idea, in the "best of times", "started in response to Premier Li Keqiang’s call for". But this means that you can skip the basics, starting with BOSS. No money no ability, no experience, no contacts, home, honest work. Entrepreneurship is a young accumulate steadily things, or to learn more, less entrepreneurial class, learn more practical.

Q4: entrepreneurial employment requirements than the ability to be higher, if you want to start the business in the school pay more attention to the ability to develop what?

a lot of times, we often talk about what the business needs to have the ability to be a false proposition, from the first venture failed since then, with the reality of the impact, I do not think I can be a gem. The following I enumerate the current business needs of the ability, are in the process of learning after the start

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