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, JASUN, Hunan radio news anchor, has worked at the treasure net, after two years of entrepreneurship, millet, current drug awesome marketing director. The early morning of May 19th, in the public, even JASUN (JASUN says) announced drug awesome operations have been suspended.

is now the morning, do not know in what way to inform people around like this thing, have received some media and friends to suspend business consulting medicine awesome things, has not recovered, also do not know how to reply to everyone, but as a long-term cooperation partners, and care about me some good teachers and helpful friends growing up, think it is very necessary and frankly told, just out of personal feelings.

awesome 1 hours to send medicine to suspend operations in May 18, 2016 14, do not want too many statements why? The company announced two days later, as an individual, drug awesome CEO as well as the core of the team, and we hope to have the opportunity to do. This is my personal career is very precious and valued the work of the time, just want to talk about my feelings at the last moment of the company.

has been very glad I met and thank you for this brand, it is like a seed of their birth, from germination to about my results, and it has been associated with growth, although the role I just a member of the founding team, please forgive me at the moment is still in the administration of awesome PR, for today’s pause I was a member of the team, can not shirk its responsibility, all members of our team should have a fault, but so far I still think the medicine awesome products, technology and other core team members, I work so many years had to spend the least money, solve the biggest problem of the team.

from the start of the first day until now, eighty percent members of the team always adhere to 996 hours, although the office has been in residential building, more than and 20 people crowded in a level of less than 90 cabins, two people crowded a IKEA desk, so until today, has never been in a team in such a high efficiency play, so far, the medicine has awesome close to 1 million registered users, nearly 400 thousand users of transactions, this is not what good numbers, but this is an account of our own, in this process, we appreciate every single user, the only regret is that we don’t have to until the end of everybody’s health delivery man, we do not shirk responsibility, which is really difficult, we are not doing well.

if you have to replay the entrepreneurial experience, of course I hope you sincerely look at the text, not to non write what? But I hope my friends


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mentioned "broken axe into the boat, many people may have heard from all the one hundred times, but the broken axe into a boat many founders have a verbal contract, but the real time to lead the project to run the majority of people are lost, the company.

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