39 star bet three new board companies are mostly to see how the results of your home love beans,

Huang Xiaoming lived hundreds of cross-border investment, although the annual report in 2016 revenue reached 49 million 268 thousand and 600 yuan, an increase of 870.74%; attributable to shareholders of the listed company’s net profit of 49 million 735 thousand and 100 yuan loss, the performance is not good, but this tree by Hainan Airlines, its worth the wait seem to be relatively more.

on the stage of the capital market, the stars of the artists show frequently staged. However, compared with the rash and too much in haste "swallow", most of the star performers in the capital market. So far Zhao Wei: not only do not sell her to the "home court" and so generous, the most in the "new three remote".

so, acting in a play see color of the stars, whether the new board of its investment in


23 companies are now 39 artists shareholders

although the artist as a public figure now began to appear the new board, but for many people in the entertainment industry, investment circle in a number of years ago is another circle, the two circle is very difficult to mix together.


in today’s new board listed company in the list of shareholders, entertainers list is long, of which 23 companies there were at least 39 artists: Sun Li, Zhao Liying, Liu Shishi shareholders, Guo Tao and Gao Yunxiang (Hareon pictures); Luyu Chen, Zhou Libo; Huang Xiaoming (energy propagation) (live 100) Zu Feng; and Honglei Sun (green rain media); Yang Liping; Hu Ge (Yunnan Culture) and Liu Shishi, Gao Yuanyuan, Wei Fan (Chinese film); Jiang Wu, Ying Da; Yang Shuo (Dragon film), Jiang Xin (art media); Li Xiaoran, Tian Liang; (the glorious media) and Ye Qian ("Ye Yiqian"), Ma Tianyu (the summer sky); Yang Mi (Jiaxing media); Gong Hanlin; Kevin Xie (North Point entertainment) (ideal city); Chen Daoming; Chen Kun (Centrino fashion) (day Misho); Ren Zhenquan, Chen He, Du Haitao, Lin update (share time); Liu Shishi (Galle shares); Xu Jinglei (know my science and Technology); Hu Haiquan (AI); the (Sheng Tian media); and the time of the film, and so on, in the past, and then, in the history of the film, and then, by the time of the film and television, and then, by the time of the film and television, and then, by the time of the film and television, and then, by the time of the film, and then, by the time of the film and television, the Chinese people’s Republic of China and the world of China, the writer of the present paper is that: (1) the time of film and television. According to the pre disclosure, there are some artists to participate in the investment company, is running on the road overnight rushed to the three new board listed……

from the data point of view, the company owned by the arts, nearly seven become R culture, sports and entertainment industry, belong to the nature of investment, the company belongs to the retail industry F52. The investment in the field of the largest span is Liu Shishi West through Jiangsu investment limited holds C38 electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry "Galle shares, it is reported that this investment contributed to Liu Shishi and her husband Nicky Wu’s circle of friends; followed by Huang Xiaoming through the Ningbo star Liu holding" H61 accommodation "live one hundred shares, data display one hundred lives should be a business platform > HNA Tourism Group

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