3 years of entrepreneurial failure, which made mistakes

in 2013, August 25th, I was working with the three partners of the team to pack up the rest of our office. Partner J sitting on the floor, quipped that "this is the third time I have business failure good?" in fact he meant that in November 2012, he was responsible for closing off even in Beijing Dongsi office, sold all the furniture and office supplies, packing withdrawal; February 2013, he once again and had to lay off half even the guest team clean our large office once (that is surrounded by huge blackboard wall) pack, ready to withdraw. This is his third time. Throwing things, boxing, handling, carrying countless hours of overtime in the space of an empty night. The company is about to switch from a company to a project that is run by people of interest.

a lot of people have asked me how to find what I want to do, my answer is: do something, try to create something. This will open a door to your life, bringing new opportunities and perspectives, and a new understanding of yourself. And if you also make a lot of mistakes in the process (almost inevitable), please admit them from the bottom of your heart, summarize, share them honestly, and learn to enjoy it. This is the only way to achieve "informed optimism.".

can’t get fat because he can’t get a bite.

entry error: premature product

‘s first idea was to make a "different experience" market. In other words, is a line of experiential consumption of Taobao. From the first day, I hope the team can develop a prototype product as soon as possible. After market research, writing a business plan, the first batch of puwan line partners, I have developed a prototype that is the most important one of the necessary conditions of this project, so this leads to the progress of the whole project is greatly limited by the programmer to develop a prototype product speed.

and time is the biggest cost of entrepreneurship.

has heard that "lean entrepreneurs" are aware of the idea of minimizing the viability of a product by testing the response of a market by minimizing a product that can satisfy core needs. The core principle behind MVP is to reduce the cost of time. Even so, I still mistakenly believe that MVP still needs to develop a prototype.

fact is that in order to project a market to develop their own products is not a primary condition, not even a necessary condition. The product is just a tool that transforms a creative idea into a structured, automated service. But before you turn your ideas into automation, what you should do first is to determine the feasibility of your ideas in an artificial way, that is, look for Product-Market Fit. And then through the development of the product will be transformed into a general idea of automation services.

in other words

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