Urgent notice eBay products to replace the new code

dear members of the alliance, hello!

by advertisers eBay eBay in December 6th, starting a new advertising code will be used, not only accelerate the speed to replace the new code jump code, reduce advertising by other software shielding, but also improve the click registration conversion rate for your income to make a contribution.
as your website is using a text + + link links or pictures in the form of eBay ad code, please go to the union after the re take the new JS code, so after we better help you maintain and update advertising;
if you are using JS or EK in the form of ad code, you there will be no need to update, we have to help you automatically updated.
to your interests are not affected, please as soon as possible to replace the old code, which will expire in December 12th. If you have any questions in the process of updating the code, please contact our customer service, our contact information is:

Tel: 010-51692624-145

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