How to finance e-commerce website

on the shortage of e-commerce sites, the securities market financing, venture capital, bank loans three financing methods, which is more suitable for their own?

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with the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce sites springing up like mushrooms, but after a period of development, are invariably encountered the same problem: shortage of funds.

many sites do not lack the development of good ideas, not lack of brains, but there is no money. So the whole e-commerce sites have appeared in the same situation, the construction site to a certain period of time, regardless of who is responsible for the content, but everywhere trying to find the money, from bank loans, or to attract venture capital or direct financing.

there is no rigid indicator that some companies should choose what kind of financing channels, each operator has its own understanding and choice. So, as the site operators, how to choose the development of their own web site financing channels? Perhaps, see the forerunner, then compare yourself, we will find some way.

securities market financing

through the stock market financing, direct financing activities. It refers to the enterprise directly to investors to issue corporate bonds or stocks in order to raise funds for the expansion of scale. Amazon listed on the following financing as an example.

Amazon in May 1997. In early 1998, less than $10 a share, to the day of December 1998, the opening price is $243, and once broke through $300. In January 11, 1999, just after a stock is divided into three division shortly after the Amazon stock opened at $158.875, then $160.25 closing price, which also hit all-time high of $199.125 after the stock split. It is also the stock continued to rise, the market value of the Amazon in early February 1999 by the evaluation to the value of $25 billion. Interestingly, this time, Amazon is still a loss of the company, and Bezos never hide this, and even remind the attention of short-term and small investors. What is the reason? Wang Juntao said, many people think that, like Amazon, damn, there must be a bubble it thanks to so many people say, but is it when it started to make money. It does not have the so-called bubble accumulation, there will be no profit today! But I can’t figure out where it is No matter what kind of industry needs some time to mature, and the larger the investment industry, the brighter the future of the industry, the longer its growth. If you put a stall, then of course, you can make money immediately. But if everyone is going to do this kind of ‘smoke stalls’ business, the industry who cares?"

and Amazon is different, Baidu Inc staged the NASDAQ myth. August 5, 2005 >

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