Blog can put Google ads and the method of setting Daquan

1 site name: Mid wing network blog

site address:

profile: the same simple and practical popular blog network.

method: select the template, and then modify the template, the GG code in the right place. Note that the original code or element cannot be deleted.

Demo: Name=zywb (but the domain name seems to want to get their own)

2 Site Name: Google own blog (seems very slow)

station address:

brief introduction: Google own blog, very easy to apply for GG advertising

3 site name: Sina blog

station address:

brief introduction: Sina blog popularity and traffic are not to say.

method: you can customize the blank panel, and then you can copy the ads on your other blog, paste it in.


Site name:

4 blog

site address:

introduction: not only launched its own blog advertising system, and blog accounts can go directly to the application, and will automatically advertise.

method: Custom add HTML template. (recommended)


5 site name: Adsense tribal

site address:

brief introduction: Adsense tribal oblog multi-user system, there are dozens of templates to choose from. Registration has 100 points, send an article for the 5 points, 500 points (that is, you send the article in 80) can bind your domain name. What are the benefits? For example, you have 1 yuan of CN domain name, you can bind in the domain name! For their own web site users, it is worth a lot of money!

6 site name: Tianya blog

site address: http://s.tianya.>

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