Teach you how to make the baby shop to improve the conversion rate

in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the electricity supplier market, the market is almost unique product does not exist, you can access to the goods, others can also purchase. And prices are becoming more transparent. In the face of such a situation, improve the conversion rate, how to make our products stand out in front of the customers?. The same goods in front of customers show a unique momentum, improve conversion rate, the following 4 methods!


1 merge related goods into a commodity

with the product, can give customers a new face, showing its own characteristics and the treasurer of the heart operation.

gimmick example: there was a Taobao shop operating cheese, launched a unique combination of Inner Mongolia cheese 4+1 packages of the product, shelves on a month to create nearly 300 single sales record. Sales of the leading peer, packaging products after later. As long as users in the Taobao search Inner Mongolia cheese, this combination of products will appear on the home page of the top ten, the same to sell goods, but played a card and other home is not the same.

2 users grab cheap psychological

cheap mentality is the mentality of most buyers, whether the poor or rich. Simply put, cheap is that I spend more money to buy more things, can account for more sweetness. Let customers take advantage of us, low prices may not be able to make them feel cheap. Price wars not shop healthy growth, to seize the customer’s psychological needs, take the initiative to let disguised as let customers feel the "bargain", the shop can make money in order to obtain sustained long-term development.

gimmick example: we can use the full 88 yuan and send a gift worth $XX. In this, the gift must have a certain value, will not let the customer feel you are in the flicker. Here to emphasize the importance of customer psychology, techniques can be free to play.

3 to create a desire to generate customer details page

to create a consumer can make a great desire to buy, often harvested for unexpected results. Each of the details of the details of the baby are clearly conveyed the baby’s functional information, professional guidance and product combination, the details of each use of the most incisive description, so that buyers suddenly attracted. The details of the baby page must be done to optimize the display, text, pictures are described accurately around the theme, including related sales. Brand value is gradually increasing, natural and other stores to avoid the homogenization phenomenon.

4 do not let the opponent’s price advantage beat you

the same quality of goods, it is impossible for everyone to get the lowest price. So when we do not have the price advantage, it becomes the weakness of our sales. How to solve this problem? Every member has an evaluation of the price of the goods before shopping. >

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