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with the prevalence of network marketing, now the traditional industry is also more and more attention to the network marketing tool. Here I take a bit of superficial network marketing experience to share with you.


is doing the steel trade, is a very traditional industry, entering the network marketing is less than one year, due to limited funds, individual entrepreneurs, a I in the water network marketing choice within the industry website, called steel stock Chinese.

The reason why

chose this network marketing as a virgin battlefield, the main consideration of so many points: 1 the content and functions of the station comprehensive. 2 it is a subsidiary of free resources, suitable for our poor. 3 through professional software analysis, this station is very popular, active and high. At this point the three, I applied for its members can spend 2800 resources, in the "Chinese feature of the plate steel resources base station took a space for one person to send a, also with the enterprise website. Why not?.

of course, as long as a little understanding of the network people know, do network marketing, you do not want to move their brains, even if the platform is also a good pick is basically a display. After paying the money, how should we use the platform for all available resources to sell their own packaging is king.

after the actual operation, I tasted the sweetness of the sum of the following points:

1, the resource pool is the platform is different from other similar websites a highlight here most of the nation’s cash resources, because of authenticity, high reliability, easy to find, the same here also gathered a large number of buyers care. So a problem came out, how to let buyers know your resources is a big task. Here you can choose the money to buy resources.

can not afford to spend the money can also, you will be quick, and constantly update your resources, so that your resources can always be displayed on the home page of the resource library, this method is better before its revision. Before the revision shows a member of all the resources, so you have been updated, the whole hall home page is a person’s information, but unfortunately, after the revision of the hall shows that only one person in the home page display.

2, the rational use of the site’s free resources (such as: community, blog, steel know, free enterprise website)

spot network community in the entire steel industry, the activity should be regarded as the first, active in almost all of the above are paid members of the site, these resources are absolutely effective resources. We can use these free resources to send some product introduction, enterprise introduction, which can greatly enhance the visibility of your business and resources.

if you can write a good article, then it is better to write a number of industry market analysis articles, where the establishment of a market expert’s identity, your resources and businesses do not want to be difficult to know.

become an expert in the industry, so that everyone can remember you, will be able to

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