Grassroots small electricity providers venture financing pain the crown can be worth a few money

Hangzhou evening news reporter

reported Qinchuan drawing Ren Ping

Zhang Linlin, a well-known female shopkeeper eland shop. She made a scarf from the Xinjiang bus market scarf started, 4 years to do the transaction amount of 80 million. Available to the bank loan, the mouse plus cement simply can not afford a simple office.

Yao Bibo, AUX air official flagship store manager. He made a million air conditioning group purchase last year, funding pressure in the front, he traveled four lines Keliwushou, can only take their own garage to mortgage.

they represent the grassroots electricity supplier entrepreneurs common pain: financing is too difficult. On the last weekend in Hangzhou held the Ninth Conference on network operators, between the bank and the difficult "love", a number of network operators to carry out a lot of heavy advertising to bankers.

a penny stumped large shop

although this year is expected to achieve 100 million of sales, but Zhang Linlin is still lack of confidence in the online shop.

her from a pain of cutting one’s body contradiction: electricity supplier "mouse plus cement" light assets mode, appears in the bank but is mainly due to direct shot.

Just follow Ma Yun

2007 (micro-blog) to "shock", Zhang Linlin at the time of the entrepreneurial environment is very simple. Basically in residential buildings, then a few computers. The bank has its own evaluation system, he came to see it felt like an Internet cafe, but also a black Internet cafes." She recalled that at that time, although the shop has a strong demand for funds, but later asked the bank to borrow money basically gave up hope, only to find a friend put all sorts of things together.

if not fayan is grassroots banks due to the small size, the Yao Bibo problem that more problems. At the end of last year, the electricity supplier war, AUX organized a vigorous air conditioning million people buy. After playing the slogan, behind the financial pressure is much harder than Yao Bibo imagined.

"I have been to four big banks, no money to borrow. Because there is no collateral for traditional businesses, the goods in the warehouse and the bank does not recognize, I can only take their own personal property mortgage 3 million. If you want to use credit to communicate with the bank at least half a year to talk about a year, so that activities can not do it." Yao Bibo said that he finally asked the co manufacturers to solve the problem.

"can you tell me how much money a Taobao crown store can have in your life?" at the conference site, an online representative asked bankers directly.

bank in a dilemma daokushui

for the network to have the "indictment", several banks on behalf of likening it to love: take time.


" is a metaphor, like the love between us. Are you in love with a bank, he is a good girl, he entered the state will be relatively slow, you should let her know you trust you slowly, and then will be the most precious.

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