Api Taobao how to adapt to the search engine

API Taobao website development so far, although due to Baidu’s punishment, but still do not reduce the enthusiasm of some people. Some focus on API Taobao off the owners who are still in the hair every day to do the chain, do publicity, I hope their website can bring a good income. In fact, the development of Taobao customers so far, a simple API program class Taobao customers have no room for survival. Previously popular over a period of time a single page of Taobao customers, but due to a domain name corresponding to a single page of Taobao customers, resulting in the cost is high, and sometimes lead to cost more than income, so in this case, Taobao has become a customer requires careful planning and meticulous strategy of things. How is the transition of the API class guest website Taobao? API direct the transfer of Taobao data, this station if not from the search engine to search out the words, the meaning of existence is 0, can be said to be the dumpster dumpster.

had previously investigated and tested, Taobao customer turnover rate is more entrance is the search box, and the other is a single page, these two forms are relatively simple, easy to operate. The API class Taobao off site is dense, and the Taobao official website have a spell, in this case, Taobao yes, you have, why should anyone on your website? Before the discussion, but we all know that Taobao will Taobao when guest need not exist. In fact, not so, when you go shopping in a supermarket, the supermarket goods are placed there, you need to guide? Because you need to be more precise, more clear understanding of the products, so as to make the right choice. Similarly, even if everyone knows Taobao, he still needs someone to do the guidance and recommendation for him to choose the right product for the staff. This is mostly played the role of shopping guide, apparently API site is not finished this task, and a single page and search box can be a good solution to this problem.

so, the future of good Taobao off site should be such that the introduction of traffic through the contents of a large number of information, the information is normal useful content, users browse through the information into the Taobao guest page, these pages are the finishing product project, equivalent to a single page of Taobao customers in the form of a large number of topics together, a large site to form a system, these topics between well within the chain enough, that is a single page set, in this case, as long as the site weight is good, every single page have the opportunity to get into the rankings and get into.

in a prominent position on the search box, to do the show, because when shoppers can not find the products they want, what he needs most is a search box, it is particularly important when you search box, your task is to eventually take the user to the Taobao website, so don’t waste any the flow of time, each click are likely to bring the effective transformation, as long as you do carefully and seriously enough. Moreover, a large number of single page together, but also allows users to a certain extent have a choice, not only cumbersome, not monotonous, very suitable for shoppers. When shopping and entertainment. < >

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