Common problems and matters needing attention of the Wangzhuan novice

1, regardless of your original do similar projects must first find out whether the project can bring you income, wealth source Wangzhuan where it is for everyone to do the fundamental and basic cause of the network to make money.

2, to continue to explore the spirit of learning (no matter what need this spirit), is very familiar with and master the Wangzhuan must have "skills" and "tools", summed up in continuous learning, what kind of model is suitable for their own wangzhuan.


3, you pick your project needs to have the ability to identify true and false information, a lot of friends began to be earning tens or hundreds of projects to confuse, firstly, there is no free lunch, what are the same, but a liar too know that truth, often cheated by friends is because of this sentence. The number of days to earn the feasibility is not, but as a novice, this may be relatively small, but the most important thing is that you need to have the ability to distinguish between true and false.

4, there are two very important points, the first point is the "good faith" ignore no good guy, just remember the old saying "good good". The second point is "stick to" this is also the author of all the articles in the article want to instill the idea, no matter what to insist on, the last laugh must be you.

5, more people are on the same starting line, regardless of the level of education, the size of the power, how much money. Everyone has the same opportunity to succeed, don’t sigh powerless".

said that the simple point is that you need to work hard, in your rest, lazy when other people may have been successful, so hard work is an indispensable part of.

6, broaden your horizons can let oneself become a "frogs" the Internet is a vast ocean of information network, let us learn more knowledge, make a lot of friends, let us broaden our horizons, so it can better develop your online resources. Why not??

below to novice friends to mention a wake up:

1, illegal not to do. (this is for sure, I agree with both hands)

2, no entities do not do. (I think not necessarily, if you have the ability to distinguish true and false can also try)

3, do not do free. Of course, there are a lot of free can be done, so that in order to avoid the only way to avoid a lot of crooks, money is not necessarily not a liar yo)

4, do not do more money. (look at the economic capacity of individuals)

5, not do not do. (for domestic voting, posting and other projects)

6, a hundred dollars a day package do not do. (that can also earn home, also can not do)

7, the superior does not have the experience not to do. This is to let the novice less detours, went straight to the ideal future (


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