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lead during the Dragon Boat Festival holidays, go to the countryside. My parents are farmers, I am the son of the farmer, they trained two sons in college, worthy of admiration! Every one of us parents, they want their children to go home with their holiday, chat. Most parents do not expect their children to earn a lot of money to come back to see them, even if you are penniless, you go back, they were very happy, this is love, never mind with money. This article is more casual, but some can be thought.

we are doing a lot of things, are facing the pressure of the family, helpless. For example, many developers communicate with me, say that they really want to start, the idea is very much, and work hard to persist, but hope that their family is stable, married, fathered a son, he would like to earn more money to honor their parents, let them enjoy the happiness of a family union. Many of our decisions from the multi pressure, it is impossible for everyone to start a business, entrepreneurship is one hundred times more difficult than workers, the greater the risk – of course, if the return is also more successful. Before starting a business, a lot of ideas need to be broken, because in the process of starting a business, you will look at yourself and shape your values.

conflict between parents’ expectation and self – worth pursuit

our bodies should be respected by their parents and give them back. However, from the perspective of human equality, they look not imposed on their children, they can not use their own parenting stress and child credit coercion to achieve their self aspiration. Parents raise their children, is a kind of self-cultivation of the self, they also grow up in raising their children, from which to get happiness. When we grow up, we must honor our parents and care for them. You don’t owe anything to your parents, it’s the responsibility they need to give birth to you, and you have to give up and care for them when you grow up. Parents when you vulnerable to protect you, your upbringing, you helped them, when they are old. For them, this is the german. They can not control your future, can not force you to do what you do not want to do, you should pursue self-worth, the interpretation of their own life script.

(two) is not everyone can start a business, but everyone can improve their

business really like someone else said so great? No, entrepreneurship is a bitter. Entrepreneurship is full of crisis, the risk of a close call. Tesla’s CEO before doing PayPal, earn some money, and later he started two projects: Tesla and SpaceX. Almost lost out, this is the risk. But success is sure to return stronger than work, this is no doubt, or else we start doing? And people towards the success, not business, some people in the company for several years to dry, dry mix executives, several million annual salary, is also a small achievement. Some people like real

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