Guest three free promotion novice master position allows you to easily thousand dollars a month

for Taobao customers novice, Taobao must first guest from free blog or two websites begin to study and practice, this can not only in the free field of continuous learning and progress, but also reduces the risk of investment, so the domain name space, in the practice of exploration and study, for a Taobao the guest novice, free resources than to spend money to buy something to too much. Always encounter a variety of problems in the process of promoting Taobao off the novice, the most fatal problem can not persist, but many novice are most concerned about is how to choose their own guest position, how to find the train on my way stage, it is crucial. In order to let the guest have a novice on Taobao off free use of resources understanding. Here’s how to make use of free resources to do Taobao guest.

a free blog. Use blog do Taobao off is a common form of Amoy promotion. For example: Sina blog, blog, blog, blog and the NetEase bus, QQ space, Baidu space, these are all the more common blog. They can take advantage of the interactivity and aggregation of the portal to bring a lot of traffic to our blog, which is one of the main reasons why we have to go to the website to register free blog. The use of these free blog guest promotion, we must also pay attention to a few points, because after all, these blogs are different and depend on others, independent blog.

1 blog theme not too Amoy. There are a lot of free blog resentment to Amoy Amoy, too, there is no substantive content, is basically a great possibility. Therefore, the content must have substantial content, blindly promote the product will not only bring a good customer experience, and will be blocked.

2, blog content must have some originality. Portal blog can bring the portal site traffic. But the proportion of quasi target customers. So, the original article is crucial for the search engines, blog content indexed by search engines, and constantly update and improve the content, then, brought by the search engine traffic is also very important.

3, long-term adherence can be effective. Whether it is to do a blog or website, everything is not easy, there must be long-term adherence to the original and constantly updated content, so you can have good rankings and included, found that this method is good today, it lost to nearly mature method before, picking up sesame foolish, bitter or own of two minds. Is not a good result.

two, free forum. In the Tao do publicity and promotion process, the forum is also very important advocacy positions. We can be more influential in the forum published soft Wen promotion, you can also build a free forum. Such as: uueasy, 5d6d, etc.. In other people’s forum will have a lot of soft hair restrictions, so the construction of their own free forum will have many benefits. First, learn the process of building the forum, second

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