Chinese e-businessmen, new hope Chinese economy

    China in recent years of economic development is really fast, this year’s statistics last year, as if it is 2 digit growth rate, regardless of the development of this figure is not water inside, but at least it seems to me, is the representative of the China is rapidly entering a good period of development

Chinese economic development, Chinese users more, read the data, if there is nearly 300 million Internet users, you, me, our side all the people on the Internet, are simply summarized as Internet users, this simple fool is summed up, although rough, but I also feel very good.

users are more and more and more people, what is not fast, so these people began playing the idea of Internet users, what qq COINS ah, QQ ah, the network game, it is profitable to engage in what what, naturally, in the life of the trading relationship, also moved to the network world,, and recently the rise of the pat Network, the three largest retailer Chinese networks are formed and developed gradually, and the Alibaba, from these sites, occupy half of the country’s BtoB market, a variety of large and small, electronic business service station is numerous, with a time in the network, the Internet as one falls, another rises. Cries, let the person feel very lively.

but there are no people in the shop owners, for the people, for the business of the students, for the first time entrepreneurs think? Now in the online search online shop, half of the results are to you to sell a variety of online store procedures, online store promotion program. Free? Sorry, no, the first to buy again, the effect is good, your own efforts, if no results, no wonder we

Is there a practical significance for

‘s network economy? Does it make sense to not allow more people to participate and succeed? Is it meaningful to just think about charging services? My answer is: This is definitely wrong

only work together to provide a free experience for the majority of ordinary Internet users to experience, exchange, display their own platform, in order to better promote the development of the network economy

share, free, common joy, these are the power of the Internet, the charm of the network!!!

this is the reason why I do, want to bring you experience, fun and joy, organizations work together to witness the development of China’s network economy

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