Personal website in the end how much

How much personal website can earn, the problem is that most of the owners do not want to know. In the end how much money can not say. This and the site’s visit, the type of site, the quality of advertising, advertising has a great emphasis on the relationship.

1 visits

3 ad quality

priority among priorities, attention must be paid to the choice of advertisers, advertising how much in the second, it is important to reputation. If you encounter a liar advertisers, promised high advertising costs, hard to do for a month, will not get a penny, it is better to do earn less reputable.

4 advertising emphasis

This type of

and you stand together to consider. To consider what kind of people you stand in the general population, most of them need what kind of additional services, according to these decisions put what advertising. For example: if you do is to download the software station, then it should put the host space domain name and other advertising, the effect is not as good as the message to the entertainment station. On the contrary, it is not enough for the entertainment station to host the advertising (this is not absolute, in general).

finally said how much. If you do all of the above points, then 1000IP is about 300 per month, which is just the general site, if you use a little cheating means, then earn about $500. There are higher, of course, one does not earn a.

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