For four years, $50, my long and hard way of higher (on)

everywhere to ask people to negotiate, finally put the PIN code that can not receive the cancellation. Efforts for so long, no problem next month should be able to get my first ad from the United States google. Domestic online advertising in recent years more and more garbage, I also have to join the ranks of only $wangzhuan. It is not that I am not patriotic, but this is the actual expression of patriotism. I make American money, but in china. Maybe you will say, the United States Google also has Chinese advertisers, so I still make Chinese money. That’s right, I put those things make money to foreign advertising companies who earn money to Chinese, I not only their patriotism, also help Chinese patriotism. I think patriotism is not blindly follow the trend, let MSN QQ everywhere is the same as the red head, not to abuse three unknown to hit people innocent supermarket. The former is only funny, thought it can highlight the unity, weekdays less with compatriots not really much intrigue? Who is just like two men fighting, one hit another forehead, the other person has stepped on each other’s shadow, and also feel the glory and announced to the world I see more powerful……

looked at the growing Google AdSense advertising costs, there is a kind of taste can not tell. 04 years dropped out of high school began to follow friends website, stumbled to the present, the hardships of suffering only we these day and night of the personal webmaster know. A lot of people who engage in the network will have to go beyond Bill Gates to build a powerful network Empire and even to change the way of life and destiny of all mankind…… And I do the purpose is very simple, just want to earn a little money to improve their living conditions, I am just an ordinary person, in charge of human beings can not sway. I just want to live a good, and my ideal is not in the website, just want more freedom to choose to do a website to make money. I love freedom, can not see oppression, those who press the staff to write the so-called success of the book I never read, anyway, do not starve to death will not work. I never put my career in the first place, because I think there are more important things in life, career for me is a means rather than the ultimate goal. The site is just a bridge I used to achieve the ideal process. I often think, one day I must have a rich leisure life do not open the computer. When I have no money, I don’t want to be led.

I like music, so the first web site is music. At that time, I do not know how to do stand, what technology do not understand, domain name analysis do not know what, all things are friends to help me get. I’ll do it slowly. At that time everyone thought I drop out is very wrong, we all feel pity, because I dropped out before the performance is not bad, but also has tested in the first class, the music performance is also good, a good test point of art college should be no problem. I would also have their own college entrance examination ideal lock Shanghai Conservatory Of Music, however, the high cost of art majors I can not afford the ordinary family. I >

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