Taobao customer of Amoy has become the trend of pure small Taobao off the way

The birth of Taobao

gave birth to the emerging industry Taobao customers, from Taobao customers, started off with a large pure Taobao website, video website, portal website income difference is not large, but later development is more and more obvious, Taobao off road large vertical as Amoy movie web site, joke novel website, website, courier and other income and pure Taobao passenger station, Taobao, Taobao Shopping for Refund, Taobao rebates net income has reached a very different effect. Pure Taobao off the small webmaster where is the


pure small Taobao passenger outlet is a thought-provoking question. Go as beautiful said’s social shopping or go shopping or road, or go Shopping for Refund, rebate Road, or to go? We are constantly exploring.

Look at these

has a fixed foundation of large sites, such as the film’s website, a video web site to the sky entertainment, from students to white-collar workers, from home to the office of the leisure time to rest, as long as everyone watching movies online watch TV is the first choice, perhaps everybody will like it. Now the children are also online any time you can see what they want to watch cartoons.

video website promotion window have LETV, Iqiyi network, led by the video website (word Amoy Amoy movie?) three television website one week window income reached more than 600 thousand yuan, Amoy income rankings especially window film website ranking revenue accounted for 5, think from this day how traffic video website a large crowd, how widely, age range, set the window position in a prominent position, promote the baby in the video player embedded in Taobao customers to promote, according to what everyone in the Taobao search, now each website has intelligent positioning, according to each person’s Internet Id give intelligent matching, is absolutely accurate positioning, so that each people in the entertainment at the same time can see their favorite baby, go through the purchase of a quick way.

beautiful said, belong to the shopping community, belong to the social type of female fashion shopping sharing community, integration of social and shopping sharing and integration of a large community. By sharing, sharing shopping experience, sharing new trends, fashion quiz, beauty quiz, so that we find beauty, but also beautiful. These super popular female community, as the success of Taobao customers is a good Taobao caught off promotion focus, identify the object, precision marketing, through the sharing of skills, collocation, new products, let us together to experience the beautiful.

as a small Taobao off, the first purpose of the pure Taobao passenger is also to seize the whereabouts of the crowd, to seize the consumer’s preferences, do a good job positioning promotion, there are ways, there is a direction, with the purpose of promotion. No big portal website, novels, film and television network fixed crowd, can also go to Internet users often go to places, do meticulous, accurate promotion, forum, community, group QQ, micro-blog, SNS is the transmission medium good, can according to their own good promotion methods and find another idea and way out >.

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