Fresh soil pork case of Suichang network marketing

ten minutes, 3 days, 1000 pounds; 20 thousand pounds; it is mid April, Zhejiang created the famous Suichang soil pork in the "Juhuasuan" miracle; this is the first time in Suichang to try fresh products and network selling, 3000 households have soil pork, but also for the first time in such a way into the Jiangsu and Zhejiang Shanghai common families, the event attracted 1 million people at Juhuasuan, this is the power of the Internet, a rare success stories is fresh.

"Suichang pig growth in the original ecological culture is very suitable for the small mountain climate, every evening in the free movement of up to 500 meters above the forest, only drink the local quality of the spring, eat wild pigs and grains, meat is very delicious." This is Ye Zhaohui, deputy magistrate of Suichang for the evaluation of local pigs, see out, he is very confident of their own things.

fresh electricity supplier why it is difficult to do, the key point is that the fresh word, the network sale of fresh food on the preservation, logistics, distribution have strict requirements. The traditional electronic commerce, a commodity sold on the warehouse no problem; even the clothes can also be sensitive to seasonal tail goods, or Tun until next year to solve the problem. But a day later than the fresh, not fresh. Traditional channels is difficult to solve this problem, if in accordance with the traditional way of distribution and distribution to do electricity supplier, the electricity supplier will have no advantage. This time the cooperation between Suichang and Juhuasuan, with a little C2B mean. The first Juhuasuan diversion, the user orders, then according to the order of Suichang shop Association let the master of slaughtering slaughtering, cutting, packaging, and SF express delivery, the next morning to be able to serve the Jiangsu Zhejiang Shanghai consumers. The storage and distribution by foreign MAP technology, the use of fresh foam box to ensure the quality of fresh pork bag sf. MAP packaging refers to the fresh pork after acid, ventilation, packing bag filled with mixed gas CO2+O2. This new preservation technology, can reach 7 days shelf life, even in the hot summer can be fresh. In this way the distribution to Jiangsu logistics cost per average (3 pounds) is 20 yuan.

think about it, the early morning of the meat received yesterday was killed; I am afraid it is not to go to the nearby vegetable market.

agricultural electricity supplier is currently a lot of start-up companies as well as local governments are pondering the trend and trends. But the challenge is still very large, such as the event, the Suichang shop association used a lot of extra manpower to each farmer’s home one to receive a pig. Suichang farmers generally one year inside the home to raise two pigs, one for their own food, a head to sell. It takes 10 months for a pig to grow to maturity. Light pig link is a big challenge, and so on, after thousands of pounds a day orders, the need for a large number of slaughter master and helper to slaughter, cutting and packaging. Temporary find so many slaughter master actual labor costs will be higher than usual, even if found, but also faced with standardization issues, such as 3 pounds, a little more than a little is master control, not >

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