nternet entrepreneurship experience sharing

as the same as the financial industry can create unlimited wealth of the IT industry in a short period of time, the Internet for people with entrepreneurial dreams naturally also have an irresistible temptation, entrepreneurship, with its low threshold, less capital investment, the higher the rate of return, and a lot of young entrepreneurial choice, and the world economy SEO entrepreneurial team a small team, this is the Internet business force inside the bad review, and the world economy SEO entrepreneurial team has gone through nearly two years of time, the team is not much, only a few people, but in a venture from scratch, which is salty sour, sweet, bitter, hot five mixed shallow writing points experience, hope to think on the Internet for business or business friends to have a little bit of help.

start at the beginning, really everything ready?

Although the

Internet business threshold is relatively low, less investment, but also must be in before the start not to his team or at least profitable ideas within a year to think clearly, and clearly investigated its feasibility and profitability can bring.

and economic world SEO entrepreneurial team is a small team started by SEO, and SEO is a relatively slow effect, but also can not ensure that the rankings are very stable way.


must be considered a good ranking once can not go up, or go up, when there is k, or is right down the situation and how to deal with?! Long Yu know a lot of friends of SEO, there are several stations in hand, the ranking is up, monthly profits are at least a few tens of thousands of K or so, a hot head, left the job, when many people were just contact SEO asked, this can bring me much of the monthly income of


this is a difficult question to answer, because of the instability of SEO, if you have ranked then a month may bring you the original income for a year, but once the ranking disappeared, then you may face several months or even years have no income. So, if you are learning SEO, is now very good, the income is very ideal, it doesn’t mean to you can quit the job.

entrepreneurship, do not wait for death in a tree

once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, but also do not easily give up, when a road impassability, to find another way of change, as the world economy and the SEO entrepreneurial team, started by SEO, when the SEO bottleneck, when to eat only cabbage situation, choice the other is to open up the road.

on the Internet is changing the way business information, more can not be a fresh all day, such as a few years ago, you may only do Taobao mail listserv, guest like, every day can have a few K income, or go for years, a local forum, only to ranking is pretty good, then the light per month in advertising can have a good income, but now BBS >?

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