18 hand shop story Ji skincare, hard to attract repeat customers!

Hello, welcome to A5 Taobao Taobao shop section off the story, I’m A5 Enron, today we bring the guest is palm hole shop shopkeeper ji. The establishment of each store, development, small success, to the process of development, will have its own unique features. The palm of the hand three crown shop and how Ji won the old customers back again? Let us talk together with the small rock hard and growth of their


shop name: palm three crown store

main business: Beauty skin care / body / oil

store address: http://s.shouxinji.taobao.com

commission ratio: 8%~20%

selling a single product sugar mask commission ratio: 30%-50%

A5 Konghao hole, Enron: welcome to Taobao A5 shop off story Oh, to introduce the first start heart Ji shop. When was the store set up? What are the main products?

store: palm palm Ji Ji was founded in 2009, the main natural skin care products, including cleansing, essence, lotion, lotion, sunscreen cream, facial mask and body care products etc..

A5 Enron: on the way to reach the 3 crown, have encountered any difficulties and finally how to solve? Do you think Taobao C stores and flagship store, what are the advantages and disadvantages?

palm shop: the palm of the hand from the initial manual skin care products to the professional production line of the current transformation, has experienced quality improvement again and again, for us and customers is the most important. The healthy growth of the palm of the hand comes from the customer’s good feedback and reputation. We insist on the import of high-end raw materials to ensure the stability of product quality.

Taobao C store compared with the flagship store, the store can play to the characteristics of the extreme, flagship store rules and decoration requirements for more restrictions.

A5 Enron: skin care industry competition is the shift, too many brands, the palm of the hand Ji current operations like? What is our business philosophy of


: our shop shop Ji palm from the shop since there are a large number of loyal customers, old customers will bring some new customers, get more recognition, so we gradually increased the performance of the shop.

our business philosophy is the production of natural skin care products, according to different skin improvement, so that the skin becomes more healthy.

A5 Enron: in such a messy skin care brand, consumers should be how to choose skin care products, there is no need to pay attention to the specific aspects of it?.

palm shop: first of all, it is necessary to understand the individual skin, according to skin selection of skin care products, choose no flavor, no pigment, no polymerization agent and other skin care products, skin >

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