One of the network to make money Part-time exchange links


ItBuLu mentioned in the blog articles on the blog, some way of personal website money, compared with ordinary network enthusiasts, set up a personal website and blog quality is difficult. So for these people how to do Wangzhuan? Recently found there have been some people do, but also do well. Today I would like to share this path is part of the site link exchange.


web site to improve ranking, increase traffic construction is the main reason for their own web site, the second is to increase the number of external links, so we see the emergence of a lot of market trading links; but for some webmaster, buy links there are a lot of problems, the first is expensive, second is not stable, a lot of buying links after sale connection the website can delete link. If we have to exchange links and no extra time to do, so a lot of time to become a major problem of link exchange. This way the part-time link exchange Wangzhuan appeared, such as generation can Wangzhuan Adsense exchange links, in accordance with the conditions to help find the link.

its advantages are: stable, basically can maintain the consistency of the link; low cost, as long as we give a certain amount of part-time workers can. I see someone’s monthly package station, can also link the number of package transaction.

this kind of way is worth us to do Wangzhuan, but may be difficult to start, as long as the accumulated website group, we can easily obtain income using the links between stations.

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