Business ideas Fifth vision advertising alliance

      list of reasons: qualitative change, out of the traditional advertising model to operate the road is specifically tailored for the 169V.Net advertising promotion alliance.

      169V.Net acquaintance, that is a do very by registered site, don’t spend a lot of time, close the browser. I didn’t have a new understanding of 169V.Net until the 169V.Net manager came to me. They specialize in order to provide chat service, we can imagine the 1 prevailing before 2 pornographic video chat, general chat inside collect dues pornographic performances show, and I was beginning to think the same. However, we are all wrong, 169V.Net is not only a regular company, and their model we can learn to learn.

  learning points:     1, from traditional advertising to others and to obtain revenue model
      2, the full development of the site itself resources to get the highest income
      3, long-term development is the integrity of business

      let’s take a closer look at these three questions.

      first, to break away from the traditional model of advertising to earn income. Personally think that a good site do not need to rely on others to do the advertising to maintain their vitality, because as a good site should have their own profit model, now the webmaster for the development of their own site profit model can be said very little, at most is what the membership. But to survive in the membership system site has been very successful. model belongs to card mode, like the present consumption in games, so there is no good content in general is not consumption, we all know that voice Taiwan before it, business is very busy, regardless of their content, at least this road can go. Profit model is very clear, this is worth the majority of webmaster learning.

      secondly, the full development of the site’s own resources to obtain the highest income. To do so to do, do not provide services to others. The Internet has too many ctrl+c, ctrl+v, so for content providers have to do the characteristics of the majority of Internet users to facilitate the first premise, or can not keep people, not to mention consumption. This year the popular lottery network, 169V.Net, and so on the site, because there is a special needs of the population, so the development of

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