See Google AdSense 2007 partners to promote and optimize the Wuhan Forum

I as a small webmaster, had the honor to be invited to participate in the promotion and optimization of the Google AdSense 2007 Forum WuHan Railway Station activities. For a just less than a year old station, contact Google Adsense only half of the novice, is very excited, before this, the Google Adsense is full of mystery, this activity let me true understanding of a new GG.

GG has been paid more attention to the event, before once in Nanjing had a very successful campaign, invited from the aspects of the work is very meticulous, first phone call, and then send a written invitation, and finally there is a telephone confirmation. Participate in the event free of charge, many of the owners of Wuhan and the surrounding cities are invited to participate.

believe that many novice webmaster and I like to participate in the activities of GG do not understand, take this opportunity to explain a situation: before many see the forum invited to Google AdSense partners to promote the activities of the forum and optimization rules, and not as we said as to do 4 years, $5000 then, according to GG sources, invited the owners according to the GG China group after screening, selected a number of accounts using the standard, no cheating and illegal records, the development situation of good website stationmaster to participate in, is the so-called "Pearl account GG". I like the station is about 1000IP, GG since the total revenue was less than $200, was also invited to, and learned from the scene there are many invited users is just getting started with GG soon, is not directly related to explain and income.

talk so much, turn to the question, the event is more active, first by the GG China group Ma Jun (sound) Mr. GG explained in Chinese years development condition and the GG launch of new products to everyone, including search alliance, WEB2.0, GG and mobile products recommended website advertising.

next Sun Hailei (sound) to explain to you a variety of GG optimization program and a variety of account security and safety analysis, which is also the most interested in the majority of users is the most elusive.

the following experience sharing person that is not ideal, most experience all can be found in various forums, is nothing more than how to do the optimization, how many hits from how much to improve, how to improve the income from many.

the last scene Q & A atmosphere is very warm, a few questions from the meeting to understand and share with you:

1, most of the webmaster support GG payment solutions as new remittance service, faster, more cost savings to get recognized by everyone, only a few stationmaster dissenting reasons are two domestic agents in the business – Agricultural Bank and post office >

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